June 6, 2023

The Story Quilt

This book had come for a review sometime back and it was in the current lockdown that we went through it. Much like the standstill life, the book goes through like a time travel.

The Story Quilt, edited and compiled by Harshikaa Udasi, published by HarperCollins Children’s books is a collection of eight stories, with beautiful illustrations of art from regional areas by Shirline Pimenta K.

The illustrations not directly related to stories but bring the region’s essence are colourful and captivating, reflecting as miniature paintings or wall decor.

These are stories written in English, translated by authors, teachers, translators and eight stories including that of Kannada, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Maithli are featured. The stories bring in an element of simplicity of how stories were narrated in folklore, songs, paintings and they are enjoyable to read. A personal favourite would be that of a Gujarati story, Miya Fuski, written by Jivram Joshi, translated by author Vaishali Shroff.

Mums and Stories recommends the Story Quilt for 9 to 12 years olds.

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