October 4, 2022

Yercuad and its magical weather made all the difference for a memorable holiday

We had been cooped up for a few months and we were always following the protocols too. The decreasing number of Covid cases gave us the confidence to look for a short holiday stay, closer to the city.

After contemplating on nearby destinations and even staycations, we finalized on a destination that we have visited twice earlier.

The constant news update of heavy rains in Karnataka and having it seen it within Bangalore since the last fortnight was making us think if we were going to make the wrong choice knowingly.

Yet we decided to go ahead and left on Saturday morning to Yercaud. The quaint hill station is just four and half hours away and you actually begin to compare the roads in Bangalore and that of Hosur-Tamil Nadu. Driving is a pleasure after Hosur and you are greeted with mountain views right through the journey.

Bangalore to Yercaud- Photograph by Mums and Stories

So the trip started on a note that we should have absolutely no expectations from the holiday and we will embrace all weather conditions.

While I had dismissed Yercaud as a routine, ‘been there, done that’ destination, the holiday in 2021 and the weather made all the difference. Every holiday post Covid is a welcome treat in our lives and we have to appreciate every small joy that life offers us.

It did rain heavily but the altitude, mountain views, lush greenery, neat hotel surroundings made it look more worthy than I would have seen outside my home window.

Grand Palace at Yercaud -Photograph by Mums and Stories

Also the freedom to move in the car when it rained less and experience dense fog made us happy.

We did go to two tourist spots like the Lady’s Seat and a garden and were disappointed to find litter, waste thrown around and overwhelming crowds with no regard for social distancing.

Personally for me, I am becoming more of an individual who chooses to stay away from crowds, mask less individuals and sanitize my hands quite liberally.

Like other governments and cities, Yercaud is still limping back on its tourism ride and most popular spots like Boating, Zoo, Anna Park are all closed.

Yet in the main central market at Yercaud and nearby to tourist spots, the town is brimming with over enthusiastic tourists, particularly on Saturdays.

Open Spaces at Yercaud- Picture by Mums and Stories

Again, if you are someone who can enjoy the company of yourself and family, don’t mind staring endlessly at the gorgeous and still mountains, enjoy the chills, go in for multiple cups of teas, read books, listen to music while you go for walks- head to Yercaud this monsoon.

We stayed at the Grand Palace which was full to its capacity on Saturday and I kept thinking if this was a wrong choice. However, what scores in favour of Grand Palace are the breathtaking views, enough open spaces and benches for guests to sit and also be socially distanced.

Beautiful roads landscaped with greenery at Yercaud – Photograph by Mums and Stories

We also went on random roads exploring literally the unknown. We went to the Pagoda point but couldn’t see any view. But we thoroughly enjoyed the moderate rains and dense fog over there and it did remind us of the hill stations like Shillong and Dharamshala.

We also went to the Kiliyur falls which was an exercise of climbing down 200 steps and back but we didn’t stay there for too long. The reasons was again that it was over crowded and it did make us uncomfortable.

GRT Trails view from restaurant at Yercaud- Photograph by Mums and Stories

Largely we spent time at the hotel, except go for the Glass Sky walk at GRT Trails which is a premium resort. You can go there if you specifically choose to go there for lunch or tea at the restaurant or stay.

The crowds were lesser on a Sunday and it’s probably advisable to visit the town on weekdays. In the end, the destination does make for a good short memorable holiday.

( Reshma Krishnamurthy from Mums and Stories travelled with her family).

4 thoughts on “Yercuad and its magical weather made all the difference for a memorable holiday

  1. Happy to read about what must be your first vacation outside Bangalore in many months now ! Thanks for the detailed writeup …!

  2. You write beautifully ..Yercaud have always been in my bucket list but could not yet make it…added the skywalk u mentioned in my to do list.. ❤️

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