June 6, 2023

Digital learning and little ones- How much is too much?

When to draw the line at digital learning or online screen usage? How much is too much in this context?

Children are engaging in digital learning rampantly these days. This includes school and academic learning sessions along with online hobby classes as well. However, as a parent, when do you feel that all these school lessons and hobbies to do online are too much by way of the time consumed or the effect that they are having on your child? Of course, you will have to watch out for warning signs of screen fatigue and other issues in your little one. Before they happen, make sure that you gently nudge your child outdoors and also towards physical pursuits in order to balance this overwhelming amount of screen time as much as possible.

The first step that you should follow is to enroll your children in a suitable hobby class online. You may consider Yellow Class in this regard. This is a unique platform that will offer various programs for children tailored to their ages and with skilled mentors for company. The beauty of these sessions is that they are short-term lessons with every individual session hardly taking any time. This is why it should be a better option for your kids in the current scenario.

Yellow Classes

And it is not just about online classes and hobby sessions; children are taking to video games, YouTube and television like never before. This is naturally resulting in enhanced screen time which is eating into their overall routine. They are spending a large part of the day behind screens and gadgets. However, this is not fully avoidable in present times although you can take some corrective steps in this regard.

Studies have indicated that kids will feel a bigger impact on mental health and wellbeing owing to higher screen time. Screen time may lead to lower physical activity levels and children may start losing their connect with the outdoors completely. As a parent, when you feel that your child is expending himself/herself too much on screen, you can take a few firm steps for re-establishing the missing balance. Here’s taking a look at the same:

  • Encourage them to stay in touch with friends- In a bid to break the monotony of staring at screens all day long, encourage your children to stay in touch with their friends. This can be through video calls, shared video sessions, gaming, phone calls and so on. This will automatically de-stress them at least and that is a relief if you are a parent.
  • Outdoor exposure- Make sure that you take your child outdoors for getting some fresh air and exercise. Go on walks together. Run together. Encourage him/her to workout with you. Make it a fun activity and aim at instilling this into his/her daily routine.
  • Teach strategic movements- Even when in front of the screen, teach your little ones to get up, stretch out and make strategic movements for better circulation and physical well being.

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