May 21, 2024

Sunita Jagdish says it’s important for women to be visible outside world

Sunita Jagdish is the Senior Director of Corporate Relations at a leading Staffing and Recruitment organization. Prior to joining this company, she worked as a freelance consultant for over 5 years in a leading IT company.  Coming from a background where she worked as a full-time employee for the first time after 15 years of motherhood, Sunita shares with Mums and Stories, “After my daughter’s board exams, I realized I had plenty of time to spare and wanted to fulfill my life’s dream of becoming a professional working WOMAN.”

“This also happened because largely my kids or family didn’t really require my full time attention and I had always wanted to WORK! Hence here I am! I joined an organization and I must say that I was lucky for such an  opportunity. After a few years, to upskill and widen my horizon of work I studied HR Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.”

Talking about the shift after many years of stay-at-home individual, Sunita shares, “I firmly believe that a person who has multitasked at home is more likely to excel at workplace especially in operations. Moreover, it was important for me to be there for my kids in their formative and educative years. But once, the cycle is running and life gives opportunities, it is equally important to learn, explore our passion and open our wings. Age is only a number, and there are hundreds of doors to be opened!”

Sunita strongly advises other moms to think of working inside or outside their homes , considering the way we are working has changed in the recent times. 

She says, with her own example, it can be seen that one can broaden their perspective and derive more from life with career goals. Though many give up their jobs or career after marriage or motherhood, one can still pick up and start working if they have their minds set on it.

“There is no right time to get back to career, but I am also not the individual who would certainly suggest to ignore the role of being a parent. One must find ways to balance and now there are more options to work from home, study from home, join online courses or at least pursue a hobby that can give another layer in your life.

Lastly you as a woman, are a WOMAN of the World! There is simply no two ways about it. Our cosmic personality is completely  different to that of the man. It just cannot be compared.

Hence,  ladies  shoulders back, and heads up, stride confidently and boldly in the path you choose. Whatever you do,do it from the bottom of your heart filled with zest and passion.”

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