October 4, 2022

Get Pampered with the World of Deyga

The world is going healthy, organic and catering to an audience that is product ingredient aware. Increasingly we have information updates, product awareness, and adoption of healthy practices in our lives. It is in the healthy conducive environment wellness brands are coming up with products that are organic, handcrafted with care and sustainable.

Recently we were introduced to Deyga Organics which has a sizeable collection of products. Among the array of products that are featured quite nicely on the website, we chose Beetroot Lip Balm, Rose scrub and Herbal Hair Pack.

Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm – Photograph By Mums and Stories

The Beetroot Lip Balm comes in a cute container box weighing 20gms. It’s made with ingredients like Shea butter, avocado oil, beeswax and beetroot extract. It’s mildly scented and comes in a rich beetroot tinge.  They also have other lip balms in other ingredient like the Mint, Chocolate and Strawberry.

The Rose scrub is something which we particularly liked and gives the feel of a good pampering product.

Rose Scrub from Deyga

It comes in a nice transparent container as a 100 gms pack and is in powdered texture. The gently rose colour and the feel makes one feel it is a good product, perfect for self-care ritual. You take a small quantity and apply/scrub on your face and wait for a few minutes before washing it off.

We also tried their Herbal hair pack which comes in a pack of 100gms and has the rich nourishing ingredients of Amla, Henna, and Indigo which are apparently native sourced and promises to be a good nourishing product for hair. The product is primarily henna based fragrance as its main component and looks similar too. While we do feel a few washes and usage will help us to determine this claim, yet it does feel like another good self-care and pampering product. The product comes in a nice glass container which was carefully packaged and sent to us when it came through the courier.

Good skin care is very critical in the time of fast-paced living. Factors like pollution, stress, age, diet, sleep do play a role in how fabulous and healthy our skin can look at every phase in life. Also important factors that are to be considered are the products we use on a daily basis or weekly basis as part of our cleansing, pampering rituals.

There are also herbal oils, face packs and we are tempted to try the soaps, charcoal face pack, detox packs, gift boxes listed on the website. Deyga also has products for oral care and curated section for acne problems.

Mums and Stories recommends Deyga products and gives them 4 on 5.

The Beetroot Lip Balm is priced at Rs 290/-

The Rose Scrub is priced at Rs. 570/-

The Herbal hair Pack is priced at Rs. 450/-

You can check Deyga here- https://deyga.in/

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