June 6, 2023

Hyderabad – Telangana make for a good holiday even though it is a city centric experience

A holiday is largely the scenic beauty of hills, mountains, river side stays, beaches and a few lucky ones also get to explore deserts and snow clad regions too.

A recent family commitment led us to the city of Hyderabad-Telangana and yes it was a good holiday. Considering every holiday is getting cherished and valued post 2020, it wasn’t surprising to find a city like Telangana good options for visitors.

The iconic Charminar- Photograph by Mums and Stories

The charming Charminar had to be visited and though it was overtly crowded and the bangle market didn’t really impress us, yet the iconic monument had to be seen and shown to the kid too.

However there were other options that are quite enjoyable like a boat ride in Lumbini Gardens. We opted for the Speed boat where a 15 minute speed boat gives all the thrill of being care-free, mask-free and enjoy the waters and breeze. We went in the late evening and opted to go in it again for the second day of our stay.

Boat Ride at Hussain Sagar lake

Hyderabad-Telangana in November end and in December is cool and ensure you go in for the boat ride during sunset or even in the light. Hussain Sagar lake is lit up and it does make for an enjoyable experience.

Though there are good roads, good flyovers in the city, the traffic like most cities in the country puts down the tourists’s enthusiasm. Yet two to three sight-seeing destinations can be covered and it is enjoyable for kids too. Ramoji city, is well-known but we didn’t opt to see it as it does take at least half day to an entire day.

We also happenned to go to the Nehru Zoological Park where we managed to watch a herd of white tigers, Bengal Tigers and few birds that were quite healthy. The attitude of the staff was rude but in tourist spaces one cannot expect everything to go right and there is a lesson for everyone we presume.

The majestic tiger at the Nehru Zoological Park- Telangana- Photograph by Mums and Stories

We wanted to visit the popular Birla temple in Hyderabad but couldn’t do so but our top recommendations would be the boat ride, a quick visit to Salar Jung Museum if you have kids who are aged above 10 and are intersted in history, culture and can walk on their own exploring the museum.

Salar Jung Museum- Photograph by Mums and Stories

The child with us was more excited than us to be at the museum and it does offer an exhaustive variety of artifacts right from the kings swords collection, cutlery to statues and royalty that speaks volumes in the collectibles displayed.

Now apart from the sight-seeing spots, one should try the food that is quite unique to the city. Do try the stuffed Paan at Mayur Paan, Veg Biryani at a few restaurants and if you are a non-vegetarian then you are in luck as Hyderabd offers a range of options for you.

The cities offer a range of shopping options from pearls to clothing to jewellery to cutlery or artifacts. For us, we were more than happy to explore the vibes of the city through its sight -seeing spots.

Enjoy the holiday at Hyderabad and stay safe- masked and vigilant while travelling in the Pandemic.

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