June 6, 2023

PUER Home Care range is non-toxic and good for your homes – Perfect for the Pandemic

It’s been two years since we all began with this obsession of cleaning surfaces, more number of hand washes and attempting to be more eco-friendlier in life.

It’s even more amazing when brands make the conscious effort to keep it green when we want it clean in our homes. We at Mums and Stories came across PUER range of products from Brand Nourish and we have tried two of their home range offerings.

PUER Advanced Care Liquid Detergent comes in a neat user-friendly pack and has a pleasant flowery fragrance. Considering the Pandemic, where we wash clothes more often, the PUER Liquid Detergent a good solution to clean clothes. The product claims to wash and remove any stain on the fabric. A factor that works in its features is that the product is going to work against 30 kinds of stains including tea spill or ink to name a few.

Our set of clothes that were tried in the washing machine were regular clothes but it did give a satisfactory result. The 500ml package comes at a cost of Rs 210/- and 1000ml package at a cost of Rs, 360/-.

PUER Liquid Detergent

The product has a unique blend of six plant-based enzymes sourced from 4 plant-based surfactants. The ingredient NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule helps to counteract sweat, smoke and wet fabric mal-odour, leaving garments looking clean and fresh. More importantly it promises to kick dirt and not colours of the fabrics.

The other product that we did try and liked it even better was the PUER All Purpose Cleaner. The watery liquid solution comes in a user-friendly bottle with a spray and is handy to clean surfaces like door knobs, kitchen surfaces, table tops, cupboard surfaces, mirrors etc.

PUER All Purpose Cleaner- Picture by Mums and Stories

The Lavender Lush solution looks good and does the job of cleaning most surfaces easily. This product too like other PUER range of products has Plant based cleaning agents and has an appealing fragrance. PUER’S All Purpose Cleaner can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Also the product doesn’t have any kind of bleach that is usually present in other surface cleaners available in the market. To make it even safer for both the user and the surfaces on which it can be sprayed and cleaned, there are no sulfated surfactants, ammonia, or silicone compounds.

Both PUER Liquid Detergent and All Purpose Cleaner like the entire range come in transparent bottles and have suitable caps that ensure they are spill proof.

PUER Home range products also include Personal care offerings like Hand wash and Anti-Septic liquid and all of them come in neat packages that are user-friendly, pleasing colours and fragrances and at effective price range. The other Home range solutions include Fabric Conditioner, Dish washing gels and floor cleaners.

The products are available on order online, shipped across the country and can be accessed at https://pueronline.in/

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