May 21, 2024

Silapathar Sisters Visit the Beach by Usha Venkatraman

The season of travel has begun again and so are families travelling. Today we are talking about Silapathar Sisters Visit the Beach book by Usha Venkatraman. Aadi is coming down to meet his cousins in Mumbai.

The excitement of meeting up cousins, visiting a destination, going to the beach all comes through the story. The story is about an outing to the beach which is supposed to be fun but it leaves them torn seeing plight of some animals who are kept in captive.

The story is for 4-8 year olds and can be narrated as a bed time story too. While it is fun to go on elephant rides, watch animals shows live or pay a visit to them in the zoo or held by a trainer, the story brings out the nuances of being sensitive to these issues and the thought for kids that it may not be all that great for most of these animals in captive.

Mums and Stories recommends the book for kids who are looking to read up on animals, particularly being sensitive to their plight of being chained under human hands.

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