June 6, 2023

Solo Journeys for Moms

Solo trips sound fancy. It can be fabulous, unexpected in terms of meeting our expectations or worse scenario unpleasant too. The key is to be accepting and learn to take it in our stride.

But today I want to share on why moms need to go on solo journeys. Yes I don’t necessarily mean the entire trip. But you could be visiting someone or a friend or relative might be joining you on the trip in another city.

Right from the time you pick your bag and leave home and head out in a cab or auto or bus to reach the railway station, airport or a bus stop, the journey, planning and everything related to it needs to be done by you.

Solo travel- Photograph by Mums and Stories

Solo journeys make you more aware of your surroundings, teach you the art of saying no where uncomfortable and might prepare you to go for solo trips. Doing a solo trip is different and one can like it or not too.

A few tips on Solo journeys
1) Don’t think of only solo journey’s to familiar destinations like your moms home or a relative’s home in another town, especially if you have been on that route earlier with family or spouse. The idea is to be solo and take all decisions solo and enjoy the experience. Yes, solo.

2) Plan well and think of the journey and pack accordingly. Be confident and don’t overpack or be unprepared. This would however come handy after a couple of solo journeys as you would know exactly what to carry, how much weight you can manage with travelling and so on. Whatever it is , take it in your stride and think it as a learning experience.

3) Carry cash and be familiar with payments done by UPI or online. Again, carry cash that is bearable if at all if it is stolen .

I had to write this post as I was surprised how many moms thought travelling to a destination was a huge achievement. Largely we aren’t sure how homes and routines will be taken care in our absence. It is okay for everyone to miss a few things and you getting your mind space to explore the world. It is important as women to normalize travelling alone even if it is just journeys. A first step towards being confident in terms of travelling.

Sharing few pictures from a recent trip to Puducherry . If you have had a good or bad experience of solo journey or solo travel to a destination, do share with us. Comment below.

Photograph by Mums and Stories

One thought on “Solo Journeys for Moms

  1. I have been thinking of doing a solo trip but like you rightly pointed out in your blog, how will the family manage is probably the biggest mind block I am facing. Also, knowing what’s a safe destination to travel alone is also a question I ponder on. I am sure there are enough and more ‘safe destinations’…..I just have to look.

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