March 28, 2023

Archna Chatterjee urges moms to prioritize themselves and give importance to ‘me time’

Meet Archna Chatterjee a mom who’s been documenting her long cherished dream of travelling to varied destinations. She also documents her fitness videos on Instagram and urges moms to live life, paying attention to their dreams. Her she says has many dreams but the most top rated which tries to follow and implement is pursuing travelling.

Archna says, “ I was brought up in a defence family background and being married early in life brought its own baggage of responsibilities. I became a stay-at-home mum due to circumstances and had to leave my teaching job. However I resumed taking tuitions and I continue to do so even now. I loved travelling but kids, home and my own built-up routine made me confined to home. I had to break it and at the age of 47 with my savings I booked a trip for Dubai. All the planning, booking everything was done by me alone.

Archna Chatterjee on her solo trip to Dubai

Honestly, I loved my trip and also realized I wanted to do more of such travelling. As I said, everything like visa, stay, everything was planned by me. In the Pandemic, I travelled to Goa alone and again loved it being on my own. Also all of these trips are on my own money. “

Archna shares with Mums and Stories, “ It is very important to budget, plan and save of course. It is crucial one cuts down on unnecessary expenditure, saves up from one’s own earning if possible and have it implemented. The reason why I wanted to spend my money was I wouldn’t be answerable to anyone on how I spent my trip and how much I have spent.”

Archna Chatterjee- the mom who believes it is never too late to pursue your hobbies

Over the years, she shares, “ I have started pursuing other passions and skills like bike riding, car driving. Also I love travelling and dreamt of travelling so I am literally on that mode to save and move on. Also I love being fit and it is very important as you age and now I am 53 and  I do feel enthusiastic and energetic and it helps in being aware and alert . Other moms can pursue other hobbies and not just travel but you need to prioritize yourself. You don’t realize how important it is to be happy and ensuring you are creating that happy environment for everyone at home and most importantly for your soul.”

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