June 6, 2023

Small Bites – India’s first Sensory Adapted Dental clinic for Kids

Mums and Stories recently had the opportunity to visit Small Bites, the second clinic of Dr. Premila Naidu at the Bhartiya City Mall, Bengaluru.

The exclusive dental clinic is winning smiles from kids and parents as it has a warm, cozy, sophisticated look and is India’s first Sensory Adapted Dental Clinic for Kids.

Small Bites Dental Clinic

Kids who come here for their pediatric consultations are exposed to the beach theme ambience. The soothing blue colour, lights and texture related to water and oceans is bringing in the happy emotions at the clinic. Aesthetically it is designed with textured floors, walls that have touch and feel sensory installations of underwater ambience and the environment unlike of a clinic.

Small Bites also has a designated play area, a thoughtful space for oral examination and constant positive enforcement factors to keep the experience stress free.

Beach theme covering the entire clinic- Photograph of Small Bites Dental Clinic

The anxiousness associated with visiting a dentist or the expectation of pain with dental procedures is minimalized as there are enough distractions for the child. Children who come in for consultations with parents are given the controls of changing the lighting according to their preference, watch a cartoon to distract them from the associated anxiousness and associate the visit more with a fun and relaxed outing.

Dr. Premila Naidu, Founder, Chief Pediatric Dentist, Small Bites shares, “Kids and adults look for a positive stimuli. Children anticipate stress on their visit to a doctor and more specifically to a dentist. But at Small Bites, we have ensured the ambience is soothing and is attractive and fun for kids.”

Having been in the practice for over 15 years, hygiene and care to prevent any infection is of utmost importance and Small Bites is ensuring the latest medical protocols are implemented.

Dr. Premila Naidu, Founder of Small Bites Clinic at Thannisandra.

The clinic along with Smile Station which caters to teens and adults offer consultations and all dental procedures at the clinic.

Small Bites can be reached for consultations online and offline at Indiranagar and at Bhartiya City Mall.

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