June 6, 2023

Food Guru -Your Guide to Eating Right

Food is fuel for Agni. That is why in Indian philosophy, the at of eating food is compared with the holy fire ceremony (havan). This is one of the statements that resonates with a reader who is seeking to find meaning in nutrition and health.

Food Guru by Dr. Rupali Panse focuses on nutrition, the importance of right food for right body type, importance of water, the power of gut, essential techniques of Ayurveda cooking and so on.

Having been a Ayurvedic practitioner and educator she has written the book Ayurveda diet theories and more than 130 different recipes are shared.

We have read or heard from someone from the previous generation talking about Sattvic food, Tamsic food but have you heard of disaster foods?

A lot of what we eat in restaurants or even food combinations that have become common are actually harmful for the body.

Food Guru book states, ” Deep Frying of Potatoes- This can develop toxic substances such as acrylamide which can prove to be carinogenic. Eating fried chips, fried meat is incompatible. Likewise cocktails in which fruit juice, alcohol, cream and other syrups are added is incompatible and high in calories.”

There are also diet rules like Hita Bhojana or Having food with proper nutrients, Ushna bhojana or eating warm food, Laghu bhojana or eating light food and so on.

There are dedicated chapters on water consumption, right way to store drinking water like usage of good and appropriate vessels for storing water like brass, bronze and why silver and gold vessels were used for storing water.

The first half of the book is dedicated to nutrition, tips on general good health, eating wholesome food, even a chapter on recovering diet like what should one consume post a fever,hyper acidity, cough and cold etc.

The recipes are a welcome addition though I did feel pictures could have added the enhanced flavour for the reader.

Food Guru is for those who are interested in knowing more on improving their diet, gut health, adopting methods and practices that are simple and can add that huge value in better health.

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