March 28, 2023

Udupi a town that offers immense solitude to the nature lover

It was a long time since I travelled with a child all by myself. Though I have done many such trips, the pandemic had halted travel plans and later it has been family or other forms of trips. So what was supposed to be my solo trip turned into a vacation with two kids, both in their teens.

It is helpful if you know Kannada, the language of Karnataka to establish that instant bond with the people in Udupi though the localites speak in Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, English considering the Hindu, Christian and even Portugese influences since centuries.

The touristy culture has begun but it has not yet engulfed the town unlike Gokarna or Goa which makes it even more attractive for the present.

Among several beaches we visited, Padubidri Blue Flag beach stands out for its quietness, cleanliness and even the vibes of just nature and the traveller. This beach is about a kilometer or two away from the main Padubidri beach and there is a charge of Rs30, per adult applicable. What you get is swings, benches to sit and marvel the clean the waters, showers, rest rooms, gardens, a tiny restaurant and even permission to get into waters at the designated area.

Padubidri Blue Flag beach- Picture by Mums and Stories

We reached here from Udupi through bus and last mile connectivity was covered with auto. The sheer fleet of buses for daily commute is so good in Udupi that it can put tourists to shame for using private vehicles in their cities and towns. The advantage is as a tourist one need not bother about how to reach different destinations particularly beaches and temples as all of them can be reached by buses. You can always choose to hire a cab or take an auto too to nearby tourist spots.

View from Kapu Light house – Photograph by Mums and Stories

We also visited Delta Point, a spot where Swarna river meets Arabian Sea. It did look magical but again the quietness of the space made it all the more special. At most of the beaches, largely where there are no crowds, local fishermen do warn you not to venture into deep waters and it is better to heed to their advice. Unlike Padubidri Blue Flag beach most beaches being secluded they are not equipped with shacks, restaurants, changing rooms or showers like Goa but it is the very reason why these beaches are yet secluded and less touristy. Udupi caters to the introverts, those who love to admire sunsets, love being on the shores and like the quietness in nature. We also visited Kapu light house and it is a spot where kids will love if they are game to climb a light house that has steep staircase. The views from the lighthouse are of course breathtaking and it can be covered to add variety to the trip experience.

Delta Point near Kodi Bengre- Udupi Beaches- Picture by Mums and Storeis

We did visit Malpe beach and I will advise you to visit this beach only if you haven’t been here earlier as it is the most popular beach of Udupi, easily accessible, filled with crowds and hence has immense amount of water sport activities. However you can easily skip St. Mary’s island unless you want to enjoy a 20 minute boat ride or visit the island for its uniqueness and popularity including the island where Vasco Da Gama first visited in the 14th century.

The silver water reflection while going to St. Mary;s island

Malpe Sea walk again is a must-do if you haven’t been on the path earlier and gives good spot for Instagram pictures.

Udupi- Mangalore has some of the most amazing temples and churches and we did visit a few. Recommended ones are Kadiyali, Kateel, Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt (be prepared for long queues).

Udupi beach that promises and does offer amazing landscapes and clean beaches- Photograph by Mums and Stories

Lunch at Woodlands, Ice cream at Diana and having bhel at beaches is mandatory on a Udupi trip to complete the experience.

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