March 29, 2023

Review of Spaceboy written by David Walliams

Set in 1960’s the story of Spaceboy is a story that has the advantage of capturing young reader’s attention in fascination, awe and delight with its primary story revolving around alien and someone from outer space visiting twelve-year-old Ruth.

David Walliams surely brings moments of laughter and smiles for kids as he describes the story of Ruth who is living through unfortunate circumstances but her fancy for space, skies and everything away from her present world resonates with kids.

‘On a dusty farm, Ruth spends every night looking at the stars through her telescope, dreaming of a more exciting life. But when a flying saucer crash-lands in the cornfield she finds herself launched into a thrilling adventure and a friendship that will span the universe’.

The book is a great read for kids in the age group of 8-11 year olds and goes on a racy pace for kids to be engaged. Illustrated by Adam Stower and Published by HarperCollins Children’s books the book is a fun read.

We at Mums and Stories definitely recommend the book as a weekend read, vacation read and something that is written in a humorous style despite the description of gloomy circumstances or of people around Ruth or her friend Spaceboy. Also it may seem surprising for both boys and girls who read the book that girls at one point were discouraged from many careers, aspirations and how their dreams could not be met in life. That was the situation where young Ruth often faced with her Aunt Dororothy and yet she didn’t stop aspiring and dreaming about her true calling.

What we did find little problematic was how US President and those involved in space research were reduced to a hilarious caricature but it does give a good laugh and hence once shouldn’t think too much into it. Nevertheless it does give a good engaging read.

At Mums and Stories we also had a contest for this book and a young reader in Bangalore was thrilled to receive the book from the contest run on social media.

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