June 25, 2021

Food story from a food blogger – Nithya Ravi

A well known food blogger Nithya Ravi who has shared many recipes in publications and on her blog Nithya’s kitchen talks of motherhood and culinary skills in her life.

“I am sharing with you all my everlasting memories and journey from my mum’s kitchen to mine.

My mother, Mrs.Padma Mani is a wonderful cook besides being a doting mother. I look forward to meet her every time most eagerly as she is in Chennai now and is extremely proud of me of my being a blogger.

I am going to tell you about one recipe which I learnt from my mother which is a favorite of my daughter too.

It is Puliyodharai or Tamarind rice. You need to make the tamarind gravy or Pulikachal for that of which my mother is an expert. One can check my blog Nithya’s kitchen to understand the recipe.

My mom makes the toughest of recipes with ease and her kitchen is always filled with love, warmth and of course pleasing aromas. The fondest memories still are there with me when I think of pulikachal. My mom used to pack this for journeys when we used to travel from Delhi to Chennai to visit grandparents. The very idea of eating in train with my brother and parents exited me always.

My daughter Dhivya who is in college now, is slowly getting interested in cooking and she is the one who encouraged me to start a blog of my own.

Puliyodharai is loved by Dhivya and I plan to teach her to make all by herself, like her grandma. The idea of excellent culinary skills are surely getting transported from generation to generation.


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