May 12, 2021

The fitness mum – Wanitha Ashok

She is inching towards 50 but that’s just a number. She looks half her age and blushes when she candidly speaks of compliments she is
showered everyday. Meet Bangalore’s Wanitha Ashok, a name to reckon with fitness. Mums and stories shares this happy story from a very happy and healthy mum. Wanitha has two children who are in their twenties and she wants every citizen in her country to be fit. She runs her studio Moving body in Bangalore and is used to be the status of being a Page 3 personality.

Seen on television channels, heard on radio as a regular fitness instructor reaching out to listeners in the mornings, participation in walks, fitness workshops, aerobics work outs, Wanitha’s day is jam packed with everything that is fit, fun and happy in life.

When one speaks to her she sounds lively, energetic and wants to pass this attitude to others too. Wanitha has helped through her passion and profession her fitness enthusiasm to thousands of people including celebrities and well known personalities from various other sectors.

“I used to be very outgoing and was fashion conscious even in my college. I am from Mysore, Karnataka and one thing I was so sure in life was that I wanted to be fit always.

It so happened that I got attracted to being an environmental activist and a recycle craft artist. It was in mid thirties that I decided to do a fitness instructor course and then there has been no way of looking back. I have worked with prison inmates too teaching them about recycle craft. Now I am in this fitness zone as a instructor and enjoying this space.

Mums have a clear role to play in bringing up children. In the days when junk food arrives on an app, is delivered in half an hour, one needs to set an example. It is not just enough if you keep advising children to exercise. They learn from adults so if you make that effort, they will imbibe it too.

Mums today yield to temptations on food and that’s where we need to change the attitude. We are so used to this ‘dine out’ culture that has come into our lives. Make exercising your lifestyle, the moment or the day you skip exercising you need to feel terrible and get back to the fitness routine again. It needs to become your lifestyle.”

Wanitha Ashok stuns you when she says, women start ageing since the time you turn 23. According to her there is a gradual process of muscle de generation and one needs to start making exercising a part of life just as you would not skip brushing your teeth everyday.

Her daughter Trishala is a jewellery designer and son Ashutosh, an entrepreneur. Coming from a family that believes in fitness mantra, she says, “If you come to our place in the mornings, you will not find any of us at home. We are all there out exercising following the fitness routine that suits us.”

Wanitha suggests women do a nutrition course, even online so that they learn how to eat right and cook right too for the family. She says she is approached by scores of young women who want to look good and once she happened to receive a call saying, a woman wanted to get pregnant. Wanitha adds, “If you exercise and look after your body, you can do much more for the family and yes if you exercise your level of immunity and other related factors will of course help in being a fit mum or a would- be mum.”

Wanitha Ashok easily wears many hats. She is also the author of the book titled ‘U Have an Excuse I Have an Exercise’. Currently she is involved in asking women understand the importance of muscle building for good health.

The fitness guru can speak in over six Indian languages and hopes to don many more roles as an inspiring personality.

After this interaction Mums and stories team has no excuse and we have chalked out our fitness regime for 2016 to be fit and healthy.


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  1. Mam I m married 5 months back I have gained more then 6 kg weight mam now I m 65 kg nd my height is 5.6ft I m working in bank and I have to sit for 8 hours nd no time for exercises also please help me mam I want to loose my weight how much caloreis should I burn?? Nd eat .waiting for ur reply mam

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