April 11, 2021

Mallika Rai being an artsy mum

Mallikafinal2It’s a homemaker’s hobby that has led her to be content in her own world of art and in the process she is perhaps enhancing her daughter’s inclination towards the art form.

Meet Mallika Rai who shares with Mums and stories her passion for creating art and that has over the years been passed on to her children who might take this as a full fledged profession.

“I am not an artist by profession. I‘m just a homemaker. I’ve always loved art and I’ve been sketching since I was a child. There was no internet at that time. So I used to refer to magazines and sketch the cartoons, etc.

Recently I took a little coaching for oil painting for about 3 months. My daughter Tanvi who is 17years is very much interested in art. When she was a child, I used to sketch each and everything and teach her. My sketches were not that great but it was easy to understand. And she used to enjoy it a lot. So she developed an interest towards art. I always used to carry a small note book and pen in my purse for her to sketch during her leisure time. Now I follow the same tradition for my son. From the past two years my daughter is being trained by a professional art teacher.

I have a son too – Tanav who is 6 years old. He is also very much interested in art. I think art has made me and my daughter really close. While we sketch we correct each other’s mistakes and I really enjoy sketching with her. The funny part is that, if I’m angry with any of my kids, then they sit down to sketch because they know that their artwork changes my mood. I also do the same thing when the situation is vice versa.

My dream as of now is to see my daughter’s dream come true. She wants to pursue in fashion designing. We both love fashion and we sometimes like to dress up similarly. We don’t choose a theme or anything. It’s very random.

We are actually planning to put up our paintings in an exhibition this year. If I have to advice other parents all I would say is that do not force your children into something they are not interested in. If they show early signs of liking towards art or anything for that matter, we should help them to pursue it.

I don’t think art needs to be an inherent talent. Some kids develop an interest towards art even though parents have no interest. Children should not be forced into taking up art classes. If they like art then, classes can help to make them better.

Lastly the best part of being a mum is, it helps me find a purpose in life. I also recall my childhood. I feel young when I am with them.”

We wish Mallika, Tanvi and Tanav all the very best in life.

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