September 25, 2020

Archana Sardana sharing insights of her life being a high risk adventure lover

What started as an interest out of curiosity incidentally coaxed by her spouse has become her passion, obsession and identity today. She has made the country proud with numerous feats including unfurling of the Indian flag from screaming heights. She has the achievement of being the first Indian to BASE jump the KL towers in Malaysia.

Mums and stories catches up with an achiever, Archana Sardana over a telecon – an adventure lover mum in her 40’s who has been taking up huge risks to embrace high risk adventure sports. She loves skydiving, BASE jumping, mountaineering, scuba diving and host of adrenaline rush outdoor activities.  Archana is India’s first woman civilian BASE jumper, a certified skydiver, mountaineer and scuba diver

Jumping off from airplanes, buildings involving over 335 sky dives, multiple underwater dives and numerous bungee jumping activities she seems to have become fearless. She did India proud by unfurling the tri-colour at a depth of 30-meters in the ocean, off the Andaman’s Neil Island, and set a new record in the process.


Archana shares that she was brought up in a conservative and protective environment during her childhood. Post marriage to an an officer working with the navy and someone who loved outdoor sports encouraged Archana to take up walkathons, mountaineering and other activities. As she says one thing led to another and today she is one of the fearless women who loves participating in these sports.

“Yes, my life did take a turn after marriage. Incidentally both my children who are in their teens now have always encouraged me to push further in what I love doing. I also run a sky diving academy in Delhi.

I truly feel that there is no age to begin with adventure. I also would urge women to embrace more responsibilities and passions than being a stay at home individual, If that is your calling and it makes you happy then it’s your choice but remember it’s one life and due to reasons; do not stop living literally.

My children are of course exposed to a lot of adventures and they have always encouraged me to achieve more.”

She is candid when she speaks about them and says they are champions in the making and are not overshadowed with what she has achieved. They are also ice hockey players, uni cyclists and scuba divers.


“I would like to stress to mums that do not instill your fears to your children. There will be risks but you need to ensure the child gets to experience any sport or interesting activity without any bias.

In all the sports I have pursued there has been mishaps like the parachute not opening on time or underwater where it has been critical; but these experiences make you learn to live life better.

There’s a lot more to do in life” sums up this super mum.

Embracing change and making it work for you seems to be the mantra for this super mum and we at Mums and stories wish Archana all the very best in life.

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