September 19, 2020

Review of a play – Ladies compartment

Editor’s pick.

Beginning this space with a review of a play.  Yesterday I happened to be at this book store that has space for events for kids and adults. Apart from book launches there are even plays that are staged. Though I have been at other venues to watch a play in Bangalore, I happened to go to Atta Galatta last evening to watch Ladies compartment. I am also reviewing this play as it had connection of speaking on motherhood.

Perhaps due to the space set up or even constraint unlike Rangashankara that is specifically for theater, this play really didn’t begin with dramatic visuals.

There were four women travelling by the Delhi metro. The play talks about how most women like men in the world have various problems no matter the strata of the society or the profession, we all have problems.

Though would not like to comment on whether there were concrete solutions to the problems mentioned, yet the four women depicting a house help, a woman working in a corporate set up, a lady who claims to have become a trophy wife of a rich businessman and a woman who literally has no one to call her own.

The characterization was surely interesting including the entry of the fifth woman of the police officer who also happens to be the director of the play. Almost all four women spoke of motherhood being a strong link in their lives along with the senior most woman travelling who felt she had taken a facet in motherhood too seriously losing her own identity.

Compiled with humour, music and thoughtful messages the play was interesting though it could have been done with little more crisp editing and minimizing the duration.

There was also the role of a transgender whose character attempted to make the audience think on how we treat people.

An interesting play to watch. If you missed both the shows yesterday, try to catch it the next time the play is staged in Bangalore.

Duration- Almost took 1.5 hours.

Language- English, Hindi and Punjabi

Director- Pooja Pandey Tripathi


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