April 11, 2021

Acid attack fighter Laxmi sharing a few glimpses of her motherhood moments

Mums and stories is immensely proud to feature brave hearts who courageously face life’s hardships and more importantly have the courage to share their story. This is our second story with Laxmi, an acid attack fighter in the country. Laxmi is the lead ambassador for Stop acid attacks, an organization that is relentlessly trying to pave career opportunities, justice and support for acid attack fighters.


Laxmi over a telecon shares, “My life has become hectic and I need to travel on a regular basis. For now Pihu comes with me wherever I am travelling. Perhaps like other mums I have become worried on her adaptation to the environment. I am often finding myself bothered on her play time; sleep schedules, food, weather and other things that I feel will affect her.

I meet survivors at hospitals and are looking for that support from someone who has gone through the trauma, I meet people from various companies who want to work with us, volunteer with us and many inspiring individuals, celebrities who support us in our campaign. Yet when I come back to Pihu, I realize I am a mum more than any other identity. She has indeed brought happiness in my life and in her dad’s life. I so wish life will be good to her.”

Laxmi is also the face for a noted clothing among host of other initiatives that she has taken in life to inspire others.



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