January 15, 2021

Reviewing Breakfast stories meet up at Yogisthaan

It was our very first breakfast meet as part of Mums and stories club’s interesting initiatives. Breakfast stories was something that had been there in our list of events but never got around to be implemented. And finally we did have our first breakfast meet with two new mums and two whom we were in touch already through our stories and earlier events. After initial discussions on social media as to which area should we explore, many suggested Indiranagar and then we wanted to select a space that is kid friendly just in case mums want to come with kids. Also it was important for us to select a venue that is easily commutable.

A bunch of mums and two of them with kids came to the venue that was selected in Indiranagar.

We met at The Yogisthaan café in Indiranagar, Bangalore and initially there was only one mum. Within a few minutes we were joined by three more and soon there were stories, travel journeys and parenting discussions revolving around aloo parathas, bread toast with jam and peanut butter and masala chais.

The ambience is perfect for a weekend breakfast outing or for a meet up for friends. We were glad to be at the chosen venue and all of us were there for the first time. The place is kid friendly though they expect the guests to be a little quieter as they believe in dwelling on a peaceful state. You are also expected to leave your footwear outside the restaurant at the designated area.

There are yoga classes and other interesting things for people to look around. The place is also dog friendly so either you are a pet parent or a human parent or both, this place can surely be on your list primarily for its ambience.

Address- The Yogisthaan café, Plot No. 89, 11th Cross Road, 60 Feet Road, Off Double Road, Indiranagar- Near Indiranagar Metro station. Contact number- +91 80 4091 4888

We plan to have our next Breakfast stories meet up somewhere in Koramangala or Jayanagar in August.

Hope to discover an awesome venue and have a great meet up too.

If you are a mum who wants to join us for the next meet up or a venue space that wants to promote for Breakfast stories meet ups organized by Mums and Stories, do reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com and make sure you leave your contact number too.

Breakfast stories in August ..going to be announced soon

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