July 13, 2020

Roopa D Moudgil the officer you need to watch out on Mums and Stories

Mums and Stories features amazing stories of mothers who have extraordinary experiences shared by moms. Right from acid attack fighters who have become mums to mums raising special children, mums giving a new perspective to parenting or mums giving inspiration to others on achieving what seems impossible to others. Meet one such powerhouse Roopa D Moudgil, Karnataka’s noted woman IPS officer (Indian Police Officer). She is an individual who ensured -we as a society including the police force raises voice when required to make THE CHANGE.

I walked into her office premises a few days ago when the very first impression of hers that struck me was her addressing a room full of officers and she being the only woman.

What should have been a common sight in administrative and police force, yet seems to be quite rare. However women officers like Roopa are ensuring parents encourage daughters to not only join police, but aren’t bogged down by any kind of patriarchal systems be it at home or at work.

Roopa hasn’t had it easy. She is someone who has learnt on handling every controversy and disagreement to her opinion and implementation of practices.

She shares with Reshma Krishnamurthy of Mums and Stories, “  I was born in Davangere, near Chitradurga. My sister and myself  have been brought up clearly to pursue our dreams. My parents have been working professionals and it was amazing how my mum managed work and home front with ease.

I remember once when I was in 3rd standard, we were asked by the teacher to come prepared for the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I wasn’t prepared as obviously I was a kid. When I went back home and asked my mom, she said perhaps a doctor. Then I went and asked my dad and he spoke of IAS officers, IFS officers and so on. Somehow that struck with me and I fancied becoming an officer. In fact I was the only one to answer of an IAS officer.”

When asked on occupational hazards, she says, “Aren’t they everywhere? “ with a smile.

Roopa Moudgil admits she was truly inspired b Kiran Bedi when she was young and was fortunate and elated to have met her twice when she was growing up.

Talking on being a parent, this inspiring officer says, “ I try to be like my mom but I guess I am a permissive mom. However I am totally against consumerism. If a product is not required at home, for kids, I just don’t let them indulge in it. They need to value money. One cannot assume we have the right to buy what we want. You need to work hard for it.”

This is part one of the conversation with Ms. Roopa D Moudgil,

Watch the video interview too with this inspiring mum.

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