January 23, 2021

Chikmagalur – the destination to be relaxed

The Pandemic fatigue is real and it’s not the time to get ignorant or careless about it. Yet one can go to nearby destinations with adequate protocols, safe distancing and hygiene practiced. The destination we chose was a place we have visited several times as we do have someone staying there.

But the best advantage of places like Chikmagalur is that you will find lesser people if you travel during weekdays making it more convenient to be free, be isolated and feel good about nature and not worry about crowds thronging various tourist destinations. Please do note the hotel or homestay you choose has to be done with careful thought and planning so that they adhere to Covid protocols and ensure guests are safe.

Honammana Halla (On the route to Baba Budangiri, Chikmagalur- Photograph by Mums and Stories)

Coming back to the trip, it’s very much a doable weekend trip where you reach Chikmagalur within 5 hours in your own vehicle/taxi is a good road trip option.

The rains have been playing havoc in Bangalore but when we visited Chikmagalur it was pleasant and serene.

Our recommendation would be Mullayangiri peak, the highest mountain in Karnataka. The views are majestic, serene, and meditative. It is one of the popular trekking routes in Karnataka. We chose to reach the top by car and there is a climb of several hundred steps to reach the main temple. It is a climb that requires you to be moderately fit, but the views are breathtaking. Kids are going to love it too.

We also visited the Deviramma temple which is magically nestled among green paddy fields and with an amazing mountain backdrop, making it look straight from a fairy tale. 

(Deviramma Temple- Photograph by Mums and Stories))

Perfect for Instagram pictures, perfect for one to be just quiet and relish the silence, perfect for a beautiful evening to be spent.  The temple was closed when we reached here but yet the entire backdrop, beautiful  nature made us feel privileged to be in that space.

(The magical Chikmagalur- Photograph by Mums and Stories)

On that note we have to admit, none of the pictures can do justice to what’s out there in reality. Amongst many beautiful spaces we have ever visited, the pictures or videos don’t really capture the excitement of being and feeling the pure crisp air or feeling good in a place.

(Hirekolale lake-Photograph by Mums and Stories)

We also visited Hirekolale lake that was magical again, breezy with chill air teasing its visitors. The lake is again nestled among mountains and it has a long path for walkers to walk and enjoy the solitude. It seemed like a photogenic place and a couple was having their photo-shoot done too. Again with not many visitors this lake makes you feel relaxed.

View from Mullayangiri peak- In Chikmagaluru, Karnataka. Photograph by Mums and Stories

There are many more tourist spots in Chikmagalur. This is what we covered over a weekend before we headed back to Bangalore. The advantage of a destination like Chikmagalur is that within 5kms of the city one can witness pitch green mountains, feel pure air and be relaxed.

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