June 25, 2021

Bitten by the entrepreneur bug- Prateeti & Archana – Art Blend Cafe mums

Bitten by the entrepreneur bug, two mums share their story on starting Art Blend Café in Bangalore.
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The café is getting noticed for its collaborative effort in making space for mums, space for families, space for kids, space for craft, fun and food.

Prateeti Shukla and Archana Gupta, say, “We wanted to create a space where our guests can spend peaceful and quality time with their families and loved ones. The art initiatives provide a soothing feel, we hope to most of the people. Hence we blended art with a cafe to provide a differentiated experience.”

Prateeti was working in the IT sector before being a co founder to Art Blend café. She along with her team has her focus on the food served to the customers in the café while Archana takes care of the various art activities.

They feel most urban mums that they are in touch are running business from small to medium scale, especially those whose children are above 5 years. This according to them is a good sign of rising women entrepreneurship in India.

Prateeti adds, “Becoming a mum is a creation of life that comes with a huge responsibility in life to up bringing a good human being. It’s a constant transformation that mother goes through every day and nurtures her children every moment.”

She further adds, “On children’s day a mum requested for a special surprise gift for her daughter. We suggested her message on a canvas art. She gave us a very beautiful message, which we painted on the canvas with colorful decorations. The art work was ready to be gifted, while the mum and child finished their food in the cafe. When the child received it, she hugged her mum and said that she would also gift her something on Mother’s day. That of course was a lovely moment for us to see beautiful smiles that we will fondly cherish.”

Archana pitches in to add “It so happened that once a 12-year-girl had a school project for which she had the imagination; however wasn’t good in arts. The project was on showcasing a domestic animal in a village. We had to ask her lot of questions to bring her imagination live. The project was completed in 2 days and on each day’s progress brought shine in child’s eye, her confidence in art grew while doing hands-on work. The project turned out very well and rewarded as best project in the class. It gave immense happiness to boost a child’s confidence.”

Both being mums to two children each, the duo say they conduct birthday parties at the café with craft activities, “make and take” concept and a variety of art workshops over the weekends.

Mums and stories wishes them good luck.


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