January 18, 2021

Diya and her twin children- A single parent

Mums and Stories is proud to share this story who chooses to remain anonymous. Lets’ call her Diya, the light of life.

“I actually don’t know where to begin saying what’s there in my heart.


I am a mother of two 12-year-old twin boys. I lost my darling husband 3 years back. ‘Shattered’ is too low a word to describe what happened to me. Indeed it was a blessed and blissful marriage. A beautiful love marriage which we shared for ten years.

There was absolutely no complains at all.

He was the light of our life and in a flick everything was gone.

Everything seemed so dark that I thought I just can’t live with this reality.

But here I had two young 9-year-old boys who were so lost. They had no clue why this happened to them.

It was their adorable innocent faces that made me pick up myself. I perhaps knew what they were going through when I had myself lost my dad when I was six years old and I had seen my mum going through the turmoil. Incidentally I am also a twin and I have a adorable brother as a sibling twin.

Coming to my children, once the light of my life was gone, I knew I had to make a decision to shift to a city that they were secure and had lived their whole lives. For sometime we had moved back to India and then we shifted base to where my two sons lived most part of their life.

Thanks to my husband, I was financially secure, but that wasn’t enough I had a long way on the long road of recovery.

It was lonely and scary. But either I could all along mourn for my husband or teach my kids to deal with it.

How do I convince my boys life will be fine without their father whom they adored so much.

Well I had to find peace in myself to help them. It was too much of effort. I was choked with tears but I had to put my sorrow aside.

It’s 3 years now.

With God’s grace they are turning into fine young gentlemen. They adore me, respect their peers, have good memories of their father. They miss him a lot but they have come to terms with the loss. I hope so.

For me I feel I haven’t mourned my husband enough. There are times when I feel in need to break down and cry hard but I know my boys are in the next room and I can’t get myself to upset them. I understand maybe its my way of dealing with it but young hearts like theirs have to be filled with love and happiness not sorrow.

With wishes and blessings from heavens above, I am able to bring them up with pride and I couldn’t be happier for the young men they are turning to be. It is after three years I am putting down on paper what I have felt all along. Thanks for reading.”

Diya didn’t want to share her pictures or of her children. And she stays with the kids, outside India.

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