March 9, 2021

Celebrity doctor Rashmi Shetty on her mum and on motherhood

A cosmetic physician, author of the book Age Erase, celebrity doctor who is well known in Bollywood, celebrity judge in several beauty pageants and mum to a lovely teenage daughter, Dr. Rashmi Shetty in a telephonic chat with Mums and Stories shares on her decision to be a cosmetologist, motherhood and on her mum, Ms. Arundathi Rai.

“My mom, was undoubtedly a great influence in my growing up years. I was told that I was going to be a doctor. In what stream that was not clear to them (parents) or me earlier, but as years passed it had become more evident.

I think perhaps her own circumstances where she was married early and not being able to get educated to the extent she desired, made my mother more determined on deciding for me. I was the first daughter and I think she wanted to live her dream through me.

I feel it was good and worked out for me. These days in the name of giving freedom to children, we are unable to let them focus or guide to a particular profession. These are young kids and cannot really decide for themselves on career choices that can last a lifetime.

So I do feel my mother helped me in narrowing down my choices or else maybe I would have wandered in my thoughts. Even otherwise in the earlier times, parents in general aspired for their sons to become engineers and daughters if at all to take up a profession then it had to be a doctor. Thankfully this big decision worked out for me.

I am also a mum to 17-year-old daughter, Upasana. And she is clear on not to get into the stream of medicine. While I am fine with it, it is yet a juggling phase where we need to understand her core interest. Sometimes she says she wants to be an actress. As parents we can only say that anything as long as it is focused, we can support her.”

Dr. Rashmi Shetty, gets to consult a lot of clients-actors, actresses from film and television industries and upwardly young executives.

So does a doctor who is knowledgeable on skin, hair care and much more, most importantly readily available at home when required, help a young girl’s dilemma’s on the topics that is of interest to her?

“Upasana is like any other teenager and gets into this phase of scratching pimples on face or doing what most teenagers tend to do. But I always keep saying to other mums who get their children for cares, that it is easier to treat acne than acne mark.

Even though mums in the present times are much more aware of many things in life, it is sometimes of ponder to see when they get children for treatment or even from affluent families where a little bit of personal hygiene is ignored. So mothers can take early precautions in making kids learn about healthy habits and healthy lifestyle to equip them to live much more healthily in life. Simple things like trying to avoid chapped lips, dandruff, oiling your hair regularly, applying sunscreen when stepping out in the sun and washing your hair regularly can help in maintaining a good physical hygiene for an individual.

There is no formula or strict rules for parenting. I think one can do their best and enjoy the ride. Personally for me, one of the best things I feel of being a mum is the ‘hugs’ you receive. The happiness associated with it is quite non measurable.

Apart from being an aesthetic physician, I would want to focus on my other interests this year of getting back into Bharatnatyam dance and find time for gardening which I have already begun with.”

Mums and stories wishes this amazing mum and professional many more accolades and happiness in life.

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