June 25, 2021

Roshini Kumar – Life, fighting spirit and her mum Padma Kumar

Roshini Kumar is a young 22- year-old fashion photographer and a fiercely independent woman.

She is a Shero of Pinkathon – 2016 and she is showcasing her support along with her mum Padma Kumar, who is one of the brand ambassadors for Pinkathon.Roshiniweb

Most importantly Roshini is a cancer fighter and survivor & shares with Mums and stories her journey into the ocean of optimism, faith and belief in life.

Roshini is also the mascot for the 3km run for the Pinkathon marathon to be held on Jan 31st 2016 in Bangalore.

“I was a child who really didn’t have much health issues. But when I was around 14 years of age about six to eight months prior to that phase, I kept falling sick. I used to be down with fever often along with coughs and colds. I also had severe back pain and aches. I couldn’t even do simple things like lifting my bag or mildly heavy objects.

I was never really into sports more inclined towards arts and slowly I just couldn’t practically get out of bed too.

It wasn’t that I was not taken for doctor’s advice or for tests but no one perhaps could tell what I was really going through. So until finally one day I had to be admitted to a hospital when I was in class IX. And then after the tests, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of bone cancer.

Me and my parents were informed to our shock and dismay that I was in the last stage of this cancer. It was then I really understood why my knees pained and all those aches that I always had.
Obviously that phase was really stressful. My mum practically lived with me in the hospital for the next six months.
But I think the support from my parents, my attitude in life and everything that connected with me being positive helped me in becoming cancer free.
My mom has been an amazing support for me all throughout my life. She is very emotional but she surely knows how to handle herself. I know she literally gave up everything for me. It was equally hard for her and dad as much as it was for me.

I had become super skinny, bald due to the chemotherapy and very weak. But honestly, I really didn’t care about my physical appearance. All that mattered was to overcome this life-threatening phase.

And then I did overcome after sometime and moved to finish my studies again.”

Roshini has been doing a number of photography assignments including number of self-portraits. One series included her portrayal of her journey and win over cancer. A moving and soul stirring series of images of herself photographed as a survivor, undergoing the trauma, fear and finally the win.

‘The Diary Of A Bald Girl In The Final Stage Of Cancer’ was even selected for a social media campaign of a reputed organization.

“It was perhaps no less than a miracle. Even the doctors were not sure of my survival. I couldn’t even imagine if I would ever get my normal life back again. But one cannot ignore factors like frequent health-check ups, support from family and friends, post- treatment phase and one’s own outlook in life.

I truly appeal to people to take their physical fitness seriously. And those parents who have young ones who are facing life threatening health ailments, all I can say is that kids really don’t understand what is happening to them. And they need all your support.”

Mums and stories is happy to have featured this amazing story of Roshini Kumar and we wish her and her mum, Padma Kumar a contented journey to inspire many others.

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