June 25, 2021

My story by Sudha Narsimhachar on Mums and stories

sudha final one
A story by Sudha Narsimhachar.
“As a 60-year-old mum, I have a lot of experiences to share. When my kids were young and I was busy with my job and home, many a time I had thought, ‘when will they grow up and ease my work load and give me some good sleep?’. But today looking back, I feel those were the best days for me with my children.
I do not know their opinions or feelings in this regard. As far as I am concerned, those days were golden for me. The small little events in schools in which they participated, the pranks that they used to play, the entertaining baby talk, the words of wisdom that they uttered so easily at times, the experiences that they would share about their school, their friends and foes- everything was so interesting to us, though they may have bored others.
Now, I have all the time in the world, as my kids have settled down with their own families and they do not need my service any more. But I do not get sound sleep! I crave for their company.
My daughter is in the same city thankfully but my son is miles away in Canada. When I am in Bangalore, I miss him a lot and when I visit him in Canada, I miss my daughter and now her little one, cute little bundle of joy, very much. Time has changed too many things in my life. I wish the time had frozen when my kids were young! I yearn for times when all of us could once again live together – which is only a fantasy as of now!
Here is a picture where I am with my mom, my daughter and my grandson!”.



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