April 11, 2021

Archana Doshi from Archana’s Kitchen -a mum and daughter to an adorable mum

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Mums and stories features Archana Doshi from ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ who is an entrepreneur, chef, food blogger and mum to name a few shades of her personality.

Here’s an interesting journey shared from a very successful daughter on memories of her childhood and post motherhood, her decision to switch careers that made a huge difference in her life.

She also speaks about her interest in food, being a mother and her biggest inspiration, her mum–Geeta Iyer. Geeta too talks of having a daughter who has learnt yoga and cooking from her- both skills that have immensely benefited Archana.

Read to find an adorable mum-daughter story.

Archana says, “I was brought up in Coimbatore and then we moved to Chennai much later when I started working. My brother and me had compulsory days of doing work in the kitchen and around the home as we were growing up. And this induction, has played an important factor in our lives that we value food and important of cooking till date.

I was a software engineer and when I had my children, I decided to take a break from the profession to spend time with them. In the process I realized I did not want not get back into the engineering line as it would involve taking time away from my children.

Friends and family told me that I should write a book on food, as I was very passionate about it. And this idea made me get online and build the website –Archana’s Kitchen, where I could share this passion with the world over. And gradually along the way as I received a lot of validations, I made this my business.

A typical day begins with cooking and packing lunch boxes for my family. I pack in a bit of yoga into the morning routine and then step out to work.

When I step into work, my mind is focused on the users. I have a great team at work that put in a great amount of effort to curate, edit recipes and content for the users so it can be useful for them. We simply enjoy talking about recipes and food at work.

Once work is done, and when I am back home, I make sure I am there for my family. I make some dinner, spend time with children and their schoolwork. And once they are off to bed, my work begins again – to wrap up the pending tasks for the day and prepare for the next day.

My mother is a fiercely independent lady who knows what she wants and knows how to get it done. She never gives up and is an inspiration for me to work harder and be like her.

She has always been in business with my father and after he passed away, she took over her passion of yoga became a very respected yoga teacher in Chennai teaching the CEO’s, film stars to people dealing with cancer, depression, diet related diseases and more.

She is a person who has a deep dedication to help the people around her and is super fanatic about healthy eating.

She is based out of Chennai and has written ‘Illuminating Lives with Yoga’, which is a fantastic book based on her experiences in teaching. It’s a book on yoga for everyday practice – Simple and yet practical.

Apart from this, she has written two other books on yogic diet. My husband has been the sole driver to build my passion into a business. His unmatched support even at the times when I wanted to give up cannot be described.  He plays an equal part in running the home and we share our responsibilities and have a great work life balance.

My mum is a phenomenal cook; there is not one recipe that I can point out. I love eating whatever she makes. It all tastes so good and packed with love.”

Geeta Iyer on her part shares on advocating a healthy lifestyle and being a mum, “I always enjoyed cooking healthy food and made variety of food for my family. Cooking was a passion for me and I cooked the food my children enjoyed. I involved both my children in the kitchen work; I wanted them to be trained in cooking, because I believed that home food is the best and knowledge of cooking is important to maintain good health. Today, both my children love cooking and they cook variety of dishes in their home parties.

Yoga is my passion and it keeps me healthy and happy. I started practicing yoga in my mid thirties when Archana was in high school. Archana practiced yoga with me and she enjoyed it. I think in some way I have been an inspiration for Archana. After her marriage she joined 4 week yoga teacher’s training course in Auroville, Virginia USA and got trained as a yoga teacher. She does not teach yoga but practices yoga everyday to maintain good health.

I realized that yoga was a best choice in my life and I got trained as a teacher in three international yoga schools. Since yoga is the best natural therapy, I specialized in therapeutic yoga. It gives me great joy to see my students overcome their health issues and grow healthier and more confident.

On the insistence of my students, I started writing books to spread the amazing benefits of yoga. My first yoga book won an international award in 2010.

As a mother, I never put any pressure on my children. I made sure that they had a disciplined lifestyle, learnt some values and their growing years were happy. I was always around for my children and I encouraged them to pursue their interests, allowed them to choose their career and their life partners. I am happy with whatever they do and I never interfere in their personal lives.

I am very fortunate to have mature and obedient children. But I hold the opinion that if children are emotionally unstable, they might need more of their parent’s support, guidance and advice in their studies and career.

Archana has learnt the healthy and economical methods of cooking from me. She loves the way I prepare bitter gourd and greens. Whenever she visits me I make her favourite dishes. “

Being a celebrity food author can have its share of food critics at home too. To elaborate on this point, Archana says, “We don’t criticize food, we simply like it or don’t like it and my children have learnt to do the same. Over a period of time, we know what we like and we end up going to those same places over and over until we find a new place.”

Naming a few of her popular recipes, she says, “ Not sure, there are so many now -from Gobi Manchurian, Bisi Bele Bhat, Palak Paneer, Puran Poli, Khandvi and more.

Every time I get a comment from a user that they loved the recipe and their family loved it even more – I feel immensely happy.

As a mum, simply spending time with my children, giving them the right foods and even feeding them as they are growing up brings immense joy.”

We wish this immensely successful mum-daughter who are strong and independent individuals a wonderful journey ahead in life.

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  1. Good Read Archana. I do remember your mum being very disciplined about eating healthy food from our school days. Your lunch was always packed with lots of nutrition. That’s great habit to have and good to see you follow your passion. I love the yoga book and use it every day….

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