May 12, 2021

Sandhya Vaidyanathan on life, being a mum and more than it after miscarriages

This is a story of a new mum who has truly struggled through the years and now she does feel she is more than a being a mum.

Continuing our series this story is of Sandhya Vaidyanathan, an artist, a curator, a dreamer, a mum to a toddler who shares with Mums and Stories her journey.

“ I was born and brought in Dubai .. my most favorite memories from my childhood is the month of parents would come home early from work ( it’s 1/2 day for all companies for one month ) and my dad would take me to the park or to the mall. He taught me to cycle and swim during this time. It was a fun and exciting time in the year.

Life progressed and in my later life stage, I opted for an arranged marriage in 2009. I was working before I got married and post my wedding I moved to Bangalore . I wasn’t interested in working outside home and wanted to start something of my own.

I’m a trained artist and hence I started by making small terracotta products for friends and family in 2010 . Thankfully the  venture has grown leaps and bounds from there.

I have  had two pregnancies, both of which I lost. One of them I was far along with twins . I almost lost my life during delivery and was on Life support in the CCU after a cardiac arrest.

The only reason I’m alive and able to talk about this today is because of my will to survive and to be positive every day.


You just can’t give up because life throws hurdles and obstacles your way. Being positive helps you look at the future and be thankful for the wonderful things that God has already bestowed upon you. If you don’t learn to push the negativity aside and drown the voices in your head , there is no other way than downhill. “

As someone who has gone through miscarriages and has been through the anxious journey, she has a  word of advice for those women who are trying to be moms. She shares, “ All I would say is “never lose hope ” never ever tell yourself that you failed.

Being a mother doesn’t define your existence on this Earth. And biology is the least of what makes you a mother.

Your womb is not your identity. I felt I had failed my existence as a woman because I was unable to produce a child and only slowly and steadily.

I’ve learnt that self-love is very important . YOU COME FIRST.

On the other hand I would admit that the best thing about being a mother is the unconditional love you get from your baby. And the life lessons you can learn from your child is absolutely wonderful.”

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