October 4, 2022

Aarti Vinil- Being a blessed daughter

Adoption is a sensitive topic when it comes to motherhood. Bringing a new perspective of being an adopted daughter Aarti Vinil, a teacher, and a mum shares with Mums and stories highlighting a few aspects on her life.

Aarti childhood

“My mom is a social worker and when I was young she had told me that ‘I came out from her heart’ and not her stomach. It took me a couple more years to understand what she meant. My younger brother and me were adopted by my parents.

For me when I was old enough to understand adoption, I was even taken to the adoption home to find out more on my biological parents. I somehow didn’t want to change anything and I told my mother that I was more than happy being with them. I had always considered them to be my parents. I think it was their unbiased love that made me and my brother feel as a united family than anything else.

My mum also ensured our relatives and friends lovingly accepted us as Nina and Prakash’s children and that was the truth.

Today I am a mum to two young boys. I had a love marriage and I got married to a person who knew that I was adopted.  Neither him or his family ever made me feel anything negative about it. Further when I stepped into motherhood it came as a natural life stage.

I haven’t really introspected why I didn’t adopt, but my children too know on their mom’s journey. It is also true that I know whether my mum had her own biological children or had she adopted like she did, she would have treated us the same way. It is the same love and things that I am doing for my children. So I feel I can compare both situations and find it no different when you just decide from your heart on raising children or having them.

I also strongly feel if you do adopt a child, please let the child know at the earliest about it. It would be really unfair if the child comes to know through other sources.

As a daughter of course I feel blessed.”

Wishing Aarti Vinil and her mum Nina Nayak a beautiful journey ahead in life.

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