April 11, 2021

Anupama Mazumder – an inspiring mum speaks of personal loss and having a blessed support system.

Mums and stories is glad to feature this inspiring story of Anupama Mazumder who despite having a personal loss in her life is able to stand up and share with the world her journey. She of course can’t thank enough her in-laws who have become second parents to her in her life. An amazing support system in life can make a huge difference to who you want to be in life.

“I am actually from West Bengal. I was working in an IT company and came to Bangalore when I got married, Post childbirth of having my daughter I quit working. It was during a trip in Rajasthan that I found that my husband who is generally calm and easy going was too short-tempered all throughout the holiday. He was coughing too often and was ill.

It did bother me and I wasn’t sure the reasons for his temper or ill health and wanted to get it checked. When we were back in Bangalore I noticed that he was falling sick too very often and his blood pressure was extremely high too. It was after a series of tests we found out that his kidneys were not healthy and he required a transplant. My father-in-law pitched in and was the donor for my husband for one kidney. It went well for two years and again my husband was too sick.


This time the doctors diagnosed him with a condition that he wouldn’t be able to live with a new kidney transplant too. It is of course painful to see the journey of knowing that you will be losing someone soon. In 2014 he passed away after 10 years of our marriage. I had a child who was four years then and I was lost to be honest. I had become a stay-at-home individual and lost touch with everything like bank transactions, bills, taxes and everything outside home. It took me sometime to get back to be an independent woman.

My mother-in-law who had become my mum and father-in-law were extremely supportive. I got enrolled for a teacher’s training program and began my own business of selling sarees from home. Many people even now ask me why I am not getting married again.


One primary reason is that I don’t feel the need. I feel my husband’s presence around me. When I am in Bangalore I am in my own world of home, work, being a mother and daughter, but when I travel out of Bangalore, I do miss my husband. I feel I have left him at home and travelled outside the city. I have made peace with the situation and look forward to lead a good life and give a good home environment for my daughter too.

My child initially would questions where’s papa? Now she understands that Papa has gone out of town and for some reason he won’t be back. There have been times when certain odd questions come from an innocent curious mind. Once my child asked why I am not wearing sindhoor when her grandma applies it on her forehead and I just replied it itches mama and I don’t need it. One needs to be careful in answering to children on family. I have an awesome set of friends and people around me who make me feel confident in life and I am thankful for that in life.”

6 thoughts on “Anupama Mazumder – an inspiring mum speaks of personal loss and having a blessed support system.

  1. Anupama you are truly a lady with great courage and strenght. When in your situation women feel helpless you havr fought back and stood up. I am really so happy for the great support your inlaws extend which is also something very rare. God Bless you with loads of success. My best wishes.

  2. Anupama (Tini di)it really takes a lot of courage to be what you have proved to be today.I have known you since my childhood and you are a lovable and genuinely good at heart person but you are a strong woman indeed.Hats off to you for the stand you have taken in your life ,more than yourself ,for the sake of your daughter and in laws.May all your wishes and dreams get fulfilled.God bless you with happiness and health.

  3. I am proud to have you as my good friend.you are a true inspirational person to ladies who think one tragedy will be end of life…Hats off to you anupamma for your strength and courage and positive outlook towards life…and the most important…. loads of sense of humor and entertainments that you spread around us…adore you…

  4. I was a silent spectator & a helpless witness of the entire tragic saga and was particularly amazed by the amount of strength and courage the entire family has shown during the hour of crisis & beyond.
    Anupama, you are like my dearest sister & am very very proud of you !
    All I can say is, I’ll be there when ever you need me.

  5. Hi Anupama, Really you are very Strong and Courage full Lady.. When I was reading your Life story my eyes were full of tears… And also you are very lucky to have supportive father in law and Mother in law in your life. Hope you get all the success in your life. All the best dear..

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