June 23, 2021

Ritu Gera and the world of art

Meet Ritu Gera a mum who has been a creative person and made art a major part of her life.  She further shares her experience of teaching art and if art as an interest can be cultivated in children.


“Since childhood I’ve been passionate about art. I have always been fascinated by different mediums and owing to my curiosity for learning. I have dabbled in a plethora of art forms other than paper cutting like origami, quilling, oils, water colour as well as cold porcelain.

I believe that arts can be and should be taught to all children. All children have the capability to learn any form of art be it any paper craft or any performing art like dance or music.  It is scientifically proven that learning or practicing art helps in improving cognitive behaviour and also urges children to think out of the box.

I am a mother to two daughters. My younger one is fourteen and loves creating scrapbooks and photo albums and my older one is eighteen and is an ardent photographer. She is currently pursuing fashion communication at MIT institute of Design.

Paper cutting is a unique art form. It is inspired from a deep rooted Indian craft known as Sanchi art. I got into paper cutting by accident, when a friend of mine gave me a exacto knife. Curious about its use I learnt about Sanchi art and paper cutting through the

Internet. As I started practicing it I learnt more about combining graphic design with paper to create various patterns and portraits and found this art form to be too unique and interesting.

Other than paper cutting I also do quilling, oil painting, water Colour Painting and cold  porcelain. I’ve been teaching as well as conducting workshops for the above art forms for about four years. I also take commissioned orders for personalized gifts for weddings or anniversaries.

My parents always encouraged me to pursue my interests and never tried to dissuade me and being a mom always kept me busy to search for fun crafts to do with my kids. Due to this I was always either doing or learning something in the field of art.”

Mums and stories wishes this artistic mum all the very best in life.


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