June 25, 2021

Babita Jaishankar on Onam celebrations – Past and present

Here’s a lovely story of positivity, celebration, treasured memories and happiness. We have featured Babita Jaishankar earlier and this time this interesting mum- celebrity designer, entrepreneur and image consultant shares an aspect of her personal space on ‘festivals and celebrations.’

Babita shares, “Childhood memories of Onam evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside of me. I spent most of my childhood in Aurangabad (Maharashtra). My parents, especially my mom ensured that we got to experience this day in a special way. The school did not have a holiday for Onam – but I was determined to do what I could to spend the day with my family. I remember how a group of us went to the principal to ask for the day off for Onam.

The principal was a South Indian and did lend us a sympathetic ear and gave us the day off.  Preparations for Onam had to be done in advance in order to have all the ingredients for aviyyal, pulissery, sambar, olan and a host of other dishes ready on the eve of Onam. This this involved a trip to kerala grocery shops that was somewhat remote from our place.


It was a fun ritual to around collecting flowers for pookalam (rangoli using flowers that most people are familiar with.)

Eve of Onam was a special night! The flowers were sorted based on color and we picked a design based on the variety and colors we had collected. A coating of wet mud was applied on the ground (the more daring ones used cowdung) to prepare it for the pookalam. This was done to give the flowers a base to adhere to, and also to keep them fresh longer. While I experimented with the flowers, Mom and Dad would be  busy in the kitchen making preparations for the “Onam feast”. Dad was everywhere at the same time – whether it was sorting flowers, suggesting a design or grating half a dozen coconuts to extract coconut milk, which was a essential part of many dishes and payasam.


Fast forward to 2016.- It has been a constant effort over the years to keep traditions alive – at least to give my children a flavor of what our festivals mean and to create some memories that they would remember  – perhaps fondly when they are older. Luckily, today the community is a big help – and we’re thankful for that.

It’s an organized effort now to preserve a piece of the legacy we inherited, as we battle with the new generation’s values and pop-culture.

I still ensure (like my mom) that we have a special meal on Onam and yes all of make the pookalam  – maybe not as elaborate as in the yesteryear’s, but enough to give my kids a feeling of the variety and abundance, the aroma and the spirit, a sense of an age old tradition that this day brings.”

We thank Babita for sharing these amazing pictures, memories with Mums and stories.

Wishing  everyone ‘Happy Eid and Onam’.

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