June 23, 2021

Shreya Krishnan – a mum, poet, dancer and someone who loves life

Meet one of the vibrant moms we have come across in our journey of featuring stories. Shreya works as a Director- Marketing – Communications in the corporate sector. She is a mum who loves reading, writing, cinema, cooking, travelling, theatre, dance and photography.

Shreya shares with Mums and Stories on her journey of being the person she is and she has a message to all those women who unwillingly go through that phase of miscarriage.

“ I’m a free spirit on a journey to learn more, live more and do more. When you have one life to live, make the most of it. I hate judgements and stereotypes.  As much as I love this planet – I love discovering people and places.

I believe we can be the revolution that the earth needs. I find my peace with nature. I am an unapologetic feminist. I want equal rights and voices for everyone and everything on this planet and I believe in the power of goodwill. I’m a dancer and a poet and words and motion are my deepest form of self-expression.”

Talking about miscarriages a phse she herself went through, she points out, “Miscarriages and abortions happen for many reasons and unfortunately we don’t talk about it. It’s a dirty secret or a guilty secret or somewhere in between. But it is normal, natural, and as everyday as menopause.

As women, we have to start having conversations and nurturing an environment of understanding. We can rally support for women out there who are or have been through the loss of an unborn child.

Planning a baby is life altering. It changes everything and unplanned babies, more so. Either way, with our lifestyles and the stress levels we live with, conceiving can be a nightmare and then keeping the baby can get stressful and complicated.

In my journey towards motherhood, we had a few bumps along the way, a combination of miscarriages and abortions. I learnt a few things on the way to motherhood.”

Shreya shares a poem written a while ago dedicated to the unborn child,

You were too little,
A little blip on the screen,
With a larger than life heartbeat,
That filled our ears with promises,
But you didn’t last,
To give me stretch marks,
To give me enough nausea,
But you were a part of me,
A part of my life,
We briefly shared time,
Spent together in the hours,
When you were mine,
But now you are a memory,
And one that will never fade,
I keep you alive,
In the corners of my mind,
And darling I am sorry,
I didn’t get to hold you,
And oh, do so much more,
But it’s not your fault and nor is it mine…

Coming to the point of women or mums achieving or being all that they want to be Shreya Krishnan notes, “Mums can have it all. It’s just that all of it won’t happen at the same time with the same intensity. You can manage all aspects of life, provided you stick to a discipline and nurture a good support system around you. You cannot do everything 100%. You will have to compromise on some aspect and sometimes you will not do justice to all roles. Some chores will be neglected, some timelines will slip, some baby milestones will be missed, but what is life without some hits and misses.

All mothers should remember they are women and people first before they take on the role of a mother and research proves that working mothers help give their children more of an exposed world view. So it is good to spend time doing things that make us independent and happy. Happy homes are results of happy mums! Life is a complete circle and career, family and the self are all equally important for a well-being!”

Talking on her mum Shreya shares, “She’s all strength and character. She was amazing at her work and recently retired. She is an inspiration to so many women around her. From home remedies to Ayurveda and yoga, this woman has it all covered, she is a great counsellor and her zest and zeal in life are infectious. She has lived life on her own terms and still manages to run the show like a veteran. As far as my wish for my little daughter is concerned, I want her to be a simple person, a happy human and a non-judgmental citizen. My only aspiration for her is that her life should be pleasant and peaceful and that she should do her bit for this planet.”

I truly feel that as mothers you are someone’s universe and this someone was made inside you and came from you, so it’s truly something special…

Shreya wraps it up with a short poem written for her daughter.


You were a tiny blip on the screen,

A faint lub-dub in the sonogram,

I loved you from the time I knew you,

As a tiny cell in my womb,

I saw your hazy green images,

With inexplicable joy,

You grew every time,

I could sense your hiccups,

Your stretches and kicks,

All of it inside me,

You were game for every game,

My date at many lunches,

My partner in crime,

My energy tap,

You danced with me,

Syncing with my moves,

Then suddenly, before I knew,

You were outside in the world,

A full person,

Toes, fingers, hair, eyes, lips,

I looked you over,

In mixed feelings of pride and joy,

My empty womb missed your antics,

I was left with scars and marks,

Signs of your life in me,

A bundle in my arms…

Years have passed now,

You measure up to my hips,

Everyone rolled around your little finger,

And now I watch you grow some more,

Your personality defined,

A full human being…

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