January 15, 2021

Archana Singh on being a food truck mumpreneur

We have always loved reading and writing about mums who have varied interests. It could be introducing the mum’s community to something new to starting something that has not been done earlier or a stay at home mum who is different, happy and has interesting view points.

Meet this time a mum who began a venture with food. Archana Singh from Seventh Sin talks to Mums and stories on her journey of being a mother and entrepreneur.

“ I have two passions – to work with young children and do something in the food space. Having fulfilled my first wish in the early childhood education space, I wanted to work with food. I planned the business model and launched Seventh Sin in 2015.

My daughter Aanya is 8 years now and loves what I do. She goes around telling everyone with immense pride that mama runs Asia’s first all women run truck. She loves coming to the work space and see what we do.

I am of the opinion that it is not difficult to manage being a mom and an entrepreneur mentally, but can be taxing physically at times. Having said that it is always refreshing to share my day with my daughter and get some very amusing perspectives on my perceived roadblocks! My biggest supporter and mentor is my husband who always steps in like a superhero to help me through any situation at home or at work.

Archana singh2

(Seventh Sin team)

I am running this venture on my own. I have all the support I need from my band of soul sisters. It is amusing to see the surprise on people’s faces when they see an all women’s food truck including the driver. Most corporates and companies have been very supportive of the venture and have encouraged us in every way possible. Senior leadership have personally congratulated me and said that this venture has been the dream of many people but 7th Sin has actually made it happen. Bangalore finds the initiative commendable.

Food has been an integral part of my life since childhood. My father was in the Indian Navy and life in the services introduced us to food and culture from across the country. The comfort food for me always was the special British Indian flavours typically served in the Armed forces. The ‘Glocal’ food is a result of this love of fusion. The chefs are professionally trained and have in turn trained the girls who come with skills  but no formal training.”

On her advice to mums who take a break and perhaps want to return back to work either in a job or being an entrepreneur, Archana shares, “Go for it. Everything works out!  Children are much easier, supportive and encouraging for mothers than we give them credit for. I also feel we need young people in the country to be entrepreneurs and generate employment for the not so privileged young people. It is the way ahead.

I would like to expand thoughtfully. I want to grow the team and set up more cafes and food trucks in Hyderabad and other cities too.”

Wrapping up she mentions on family time, “ I get enough time with family and love to spend a quite day with them at home or go out for an exotic meal. I love coming home and cooking for them, we are all foodies in that sense. My favourite family time though is always on the beach with my daughter and husband.”

We thank Archana Singh for this fun and interesting story on being a mumpreneur.



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