August 13, 2020

Mimi Parthasarathy on curated choices in life and on financial independence

Mimi Parthasarathy is an accomplished individual who has pursued various interests in life. She is a yoga practitioner and heads a wellness centre. She is also a trained classical dancer and heads an investments planning company. A mum who admits her persona is strongly shaped by the two people in her life- her parents.

“I am where I am today only thanks to my parents. Both my parents have been strong-willed, highly educated people and gave me the freedom, environment, guidance and encouragement to explore what I really wanted to do and supported me in every way.”

Remembering her father whom she believes she shares a special connection, Mimi shares, “ My father, late M. A. Partha Sarathy was a man loved by many and he wore several hats.  A keen film maker, a passionate and well known conservationist and environmentalist, a great writer and painter and was also a business man and industrialist. He was also an advisor to several governments and part of the United Nations.  My father surely instilled the spirit of freedom to dare without fear  in all that I did,  and I think this is where my entrepreneurial roots come.


( Mimi Parthasarathy’s parents)

We used to travel a lot to forests when we were younger and to our coffee estate. And my dad pampered me in terms of travelling. I  used to call myself his ‘excess baggage ‘ and have travelled all over the world with him from a very young age and attended so many amazing conferences on sustainable conservation and  environmental issues, business related issues, film making etc.  He would always say that travelling the world, meeting people, and  exchanging ideas is one of the most effective ways to learn, think and grow. I was really blessed having travelled so much of the world with him.  My father also ensured that I got the best education in Switzerland.

My mother Vedavalli, a very strong independent lady, has her passion in Indian culture, music, dance, design and our rich Indian heritage as well as loves  nature. I am today a dancer and involved in yoga and many cultural activities thanks to her.

She was a home-maker and ensured she gave me 100% support in my dance since the age of 8, my studies, and all that I did.  Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre is the product of her support for me in dance, music and culture and she is the chairman of the centre.

I believe that women must do what they love to do.  This way it becomes easier to balance work and the home since women will surely be involved in their homes and families as this is what makes us women.  This is very important.

The most important thing in life is to be focussed on your  goal and  the purpose of your life with passion, integrity, honesty  and trust.  Do what you love doing and automatically you will find harmony and success. We are very privileged to have a choice so choose well and choose what you love. And I love everything I do so it becomes lighter and easier for me to do.  Also one must walk the talk otherwise it will become a total mess and people will see through you.

My mother has been a great influencer in my life and continues to be.  We both have very strong personalities and have had our fair share of differences.  But at the end of it all I know that she has been my true and genuine friend and well- wisher and encouraged me in every way to be this strong and independent woman . Her mantra for all women is to always be financial independent and stand on your own two feet and she surely ensured this for me!

My mom is a great lover of wildlife, nature and plants and we have a beautiful garden at home which has the most amazing ancient trees and plants specially collected and curated by my mother and her father.   And my father, late M.A Partha Sarathy was also a lover of nature and wildlife. Luckily my daughter Hamsini, has inherited her passion for conservation, wildlife and nature directly from both of them. She is currently doing her MSc in Conservation  Biology in Sydney, Australia and plans to come back to save the Indian Forests and  wildlife  and also set up a rescue and rehab centre for captive elephants along with my mother.”


(Mimi Parthasarathy with her mother and daughter)

Mimi shares with Mums and Stories her view on changing parenting styles and parents encouraging art forms like dance, “The fact is that the process of parenting changes in every generation. Today, time, place and circumstances play a very important role in what parents can say or do with their children. And with this new age of technology there are so many different ways once can learn dance or music.  Yes, one must learn dance from a young age of 8 years and not stop in between until at least the age of 21 years for this art to soak in fully.  But the principles of success remain the same

I believe strongly that true women empowerment is through financial independence and freedom alone.  Women face many physical, mental and emotional challenges and the only way to handle these challenges and continue life with dignity and respect is financial freedom.  Many women are still dependent on their husbands, fathers or brothers for financial decisions.

Financial literacy and having a financial plan is a must for every women. It is actually very simple and women do this all the time since we are budgeting for our homes all the time. I believe that with a little encouragement and awareness can help women.  At my company we have now started our online financial planning services to encourage financial literacy so that everyone should start to start their financial plan today.  All you need to do is log on to and start your financial plan today.”

Mimi finally wraps up by clearly stating how proud she is to be a woman. “I am a woman and completely different from a man.  And this ‘womanliness’ is a great thing so I am very proud of it.  I am who I am because I am a mother, a daughter, a yoga teacher, an animal lover, a dancer, a home maker, a traveller and much more.  This is what completes me.  Therefore this makes me draw my boundaries in defining success.”



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