September 28, 2020

Megha Mathur on believing active mums raising active kids

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Meet this time, Megha Mathur, a mum to a six year old and resides in Bangalore. Megha is also a technical writer, blogger apart from pursuing other interests. Megha recollects her memories of food cravings during the nine month phase.

She shares, “Pregnancy meant that I am not sick, I am just pregnant. I have always been a super active person. Thank god, I had a smooth pregnancy with very few road blocks. My active lifestyle helped me going.

At the time of pregnancy, I was staying in Chennai. Being a Rajasthani, and staying in Chennai there was no way I would get answers to my cravings. For the first 7 months of my pregnancy there was no one who would cook something authentic for my taste buds. It was only around 8 month, when I travelled to my native; I got to eat all the things I loved.

Even after pregnancy, I started with my active routine very soon. I strongly believe that active moms raise active kids. I would like my child to imbibe these concepts.

Even now, I believe that one should work smarter and not harder. I always try to find ways in which I can ease out my work. Most of the moms, I know complain ‘we don’t get time after having kids.  If you ask me, I would say, there are 24 hours in a day. Plan your tasks smartly and things can be much simpler and organized.”


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