February 28, 2021

Can kids birthday parties and get-togethers go healthy? Review on the range of healthy beverages by Tropicana Essentials

Recently I had been to a birthday party- an occasion that comes way too often if you are a parent to a child under the age of ten and an event that one can seldom miss in urban age parenting.

With games, loud cheers, gifts, birthday songs and birthday caps, came the time for the special birthday cake, snacks, and beverages. I was pleasantly surprised to find salads served with homemade dips and for a change, it was not the aerated beverages but a variety of healthy fruit juices for all the guests.

It was much appreciated after an hour-long session of playing games like musical chair and ones that involved running for the little guests. The kids were also very happy about the interesting choices in foods and beverages as they were a good contrast from the same old party food.

Probably this is a phrase that we all need to imprint in our minds- ‘Healthy is not boring’.

At the party, I was happy to see bright and rich colorful beverages served and when I did go to the kitchen to keep the used plates at the child’s home –the birthday party venue – I did see Tropicana’s new range Essentials of Fruits and Veggies and Tropicana essentials Iron being served for the guests. It was a welcome change to see healthy options on a menu at a birthday party where otherwise mums are not too happy seeing their kids gulping down aerated beverages or fried foods. As I was recently introduced to this range at a specific meet, I was happy to see the change occurring in other homes as well.

A few days later, it was time for a simple house party to be organized at my home – a get-together for my friends and their families. As I was running down the check-list where I had to sort out the food and beverage selection, I tried to implement a small change in my way of organizing the get-together.

While I did think of having simpler menu options like stocking up on tea and coffee sachets for multiple rounds of tea over the party discussions, it was also an opportunity to introduce my guests to healthy beverages and it had to be the range of Tropicana Essentials.

During the party, there came a discussion on the identity of urban women, the choice to be a stay-at-home mum or a mum who works for a living. As we are already aware, most women are used to multi-tasking either by choice or due to the expectations laid down on them by the family. This gets amplified when she chooses to dive into the phase of motherhood.

Being a mum means performing various roles and in the midst of responsibilities and the process of re-establishing her priorities, more often than not, there are chances that a mum begins to ignore her own well-being which in fact is quite central to the crux of the family.

This got a few moms including me to talk further on the subject that moms have busy lifestyles regardless of them working at home or outside and ‘being fit’ is the only mantra for happier families in the years to come.

Talking specifically on the new lifestyle changes that we need to adapt, it is important to note that even medical practitioners, dieticians and nutritionists reiterate that increasing the volume of fruits and vegetables along with pulses and other fresh produce is very important for a good diet. This has to be combined with a good dose of exercise every single day without which all the efforts will be in vain.

The get-together, of course, had multiple rounds of tea, but there were quite a few people who wanted to stick to the healthier options of beverages served. This is a change that needs to be encouraged if we have to implement the mantra of being fit at all ages.

Regarding the review for the beverages –the two varieties that were specifically served were:

  1. Tropicana Essentials Fruits & Veggies


Taste- The juice tastes good even though there’s no added sugar. It surely was a hit with the kids at the birthday party and also with mums and other guests at the get-together.

Nutrition-One serve of Tropicana essentials fruit & veggies provides juice of one serve of fruits and veggies each. The juice is fortified with nutrients and has 15% daily requirement of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The ingredients constitute concentrated carrot juice, concentrated beetroot juice, apple juice along with water and vitamin premix. It has no added sugar or preservatives

Juices are not really a substitute for actual fruits and vegetables in our daily intake of food but for the rushed lifestyle that we lead, a glass of veggie or fruit juice can be taken as an alternative rather than succumbing to eating unhealthy snacks or meals.


There’s also Tropicana Essentials Iron variety.

  1. Tropicana Essentials Iron

Taste- The bright orange, Tropicana Essentials Iron variety tastes good too and is different than most juices as it is less sweetened.

Ingredients- Tropicana Essentials Iron has 15% daily requirement of iron. This is as much iron as in 100gms of spinach but much tastier. The juice contains concentrated apple and carrot juice, banana puree, vitamins pre-mix, concentrated fruit juice from mango, orange and pineapple along with water and mineral salts. It has no added sugar or preservatives

Usage of both Essentials Iron & Essentials Fruits & Veggies

Essentials can be used as a ready reckoner in the refrigerator on the days when you want to have something healthy.

With a shelf life of six months, the juice can be a good accompaniment even on travel schedules. Do note, once the Tetra Pak is opened, it is preferable to consume it within five days.

One serving of Tropicana Essentials Iron juice provides up to 15% of the total daily iron needs. The Fruits and Veggies juice, on the other hand, provides you with that extra amount of nutrition that you need, but one might not get from one’s daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

So, it’s time you give something not only delicious but healthy as well to your family thereby helping them get the best of nutrition that they deserve. The best thing is that these amazing juices can be consumed anywhere and anytime.

(This is a sponsored feature on Mums and Stories and Reshma Krishnamurthy was invited to be part of the Bloggers meet organized by Tropicana India and Tinystep.)

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