June 25, 2021

Why we recommend South Goa in early 2021?

Travelling in 2021. It should be a cakewalk right? Towards the end of November 2020, I had assumed I will travel in early January and which I did and obviously by Feb-March the discussion of virus, taking precautions will be away from my head. Yet when we had to plan for February, first thing that was bothering us as a family was whether Covid protocols are followed and whether plans will get materialized?

After cancelling our Kerala trip, we decided to go to Goa as Karnataka didn’t have any restrictions from Goa returnees as on February. Flights were checked, overnight buses were checked and finally we decided we have to go on one more road trip.

As a family we have loved road trips over the years, for the sheer new aspects it brings with every new town the wheels travel, our decision to stop at any unknown place where the scenery is waiting to be admired and somehow we feel the travel plans are under our control.

Bangalore to Goa

Travelling from Bangalore to Goa is over ten hours distance and can be hectic, especially if it is a solo driver driving the vehicle. But the roads are largely good and you can reach Goa well before sunset. The weather is bearable now and can be done before the complete onset of summer.

Agonda beach- South Goa- Picture by Mums and Stories

Agonda beach which we decided at the last moment has been one of the best beaches we have ever seen. It’s clean and hardly has tourists. As our stay was decided at the last moment, we did pay a premium for the stay than normally we would, but Agonda has several stay options. The major attractions are the uninterrupted sea views, from every restaurant that is dotted on the beach.

While Palolem is popular, it’s also crowded and made me uncomfortable on many occasions as you want to be mask free on your holiday and Palolem really doesn’t allow you to do that during your stay.

South Goa- Picture by Mums and Stories

After having seen North Goa  far too many times in our earlier holidays, it was time to explore a bit of South Goa. Again, the pristine waters, the soft white sands of Agonda beach and breathtaking sunset views ensure you want to spend large amount of time at the beach itself.

South Goa- mark your destination in 2021

At a distance of around 8kms from Agonda, we also got to visit Caba De Rama, a fort which has been thankfully taken up now by the Government to maintain it and we got to see the sea at a new level. At a short distance from the fort, which closes at 5.30pm is a stretch where you can sit down and gaze at the sliding sun and truly take your Instagram worthy pictures. Yet the space is so beautiful that no camera lens can capture its true beauty.

South Goa -Viewpoint near Caba De Rama

Another huge plus point of Agonda beach is almost all restaurants serve amazing food and whether you choose to have in pure veg restaurants like Zest or on the beach, the food does make you feel good about being in Goa.

We didn’t have to really bother about masks as largely we were  the only ones on the beach. It does get hot post 10.30 am to 4.30pm, but still South Goa lets you feel refreshed.

The waters are fabulous for kids to play and very unlike the waters of Palolem beach which are still waters. Kayaking is offered as an added attraction on both the beaches and you can bargain and go for the experience.

Palolem beach – Picture by Mums and Stories

On the other hand, just about a short distance is the popular beach Palolem which is indeed crowded, but thankfully you can find thin crowds early mornings. Palolem has the advantage of having a more vibrant crowd, locals playing football on the beach and willingness to take in any tourist as part of the teams, Kayaking is a great choice to be done on this beach as you can go on the still waters for a learger distance.

Hotel view – Palolem beach

Also the beach properties together set up candle light dinners right on the beach which makes it interesting and memorable. We did find one of them even having live music which has become a rare activity post Covid.

Caba De Rama

Travel has indeed become a luxury and it’s getting more specified in each holiday. Mums and Stories definitely recommends South Goa and lets’ cherish each of our travels and do it responsibly.

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