February 28, 2020

Darshana Nahata on making every second count in life


She’s one of those mums who loves dabbling with various interests in life. She is also an entrepreneur, a yoga lover and someone who loves art to name a few of her identities.

Meet Darshana Nahata, co-founder of Enerjuvate cafes in Bangalore. Darshana shares with Mums and stories, “I was born in Kolkata and grew up in Vizag as my dad had started business there. I hail from Rajasthan ,Bikaner to be precise and am from a Marvari jain family.

I did my early education in Vizag and then senior schooling from  to Kolkata as my parents moved to Bikaner again to restore our ancestral haveli into a heritage hotel.

My dad is an architect and a very passionate artist. I have imbibed my artistic and creative skills from him. I was always a very artsy and creative child and loved colors, music and dance. I have also received training in Hindustani classical vocals and kathak.”

Talking about her entrepreneurship stint she shares, “Opening and running my own cafe has always been my dream as far as I can remember. Both my grandmother and mom are excellent cooks and I have grown up as a big foodie, always experimenting with my cooking skills and trying something fun and new .

(Enerjuvate space in Bangalore)

Yoga has been an integral part of my life since last 5 years where I have learnt to understand my body, love it and keep it active and happy. Healthy eating and lifestyle become a major turnabout in our lives because of my husband and in- laws have a history of heart diseases.

Hence we started experimenting with adding lots of wholegrains, fibres and nutrients to our diet without making it boring.

The efforts of understanding the importance of eating got me and my sister Sunayna who is also a fitness freak decided to start Enerjuvate – a space for energy and rejuvenation under one roof. This has been a very happy and high energy space for activities and yummy healthy food. I had earlier worked at my dad’s hotel for a couple of years before getting married and was working at Grey Nubo, a start up for a year before starting Enerjuvate.

Darshana talks on her daughter who is a dance enthusiast, “My daughter is a very keen dancer – she has been taking lessons in classical ballet since last 8 years and is now in the senior ballet group.  She has also been learning and performing Bharatnatyam from the past 7 years under Guru Bharathi Vittal. We recently had the show “Nritya Sangam ” that was her first solo performance in Bharatnatyam, in which she performed with her 68 year old grandmother.

She has been inspired by my mother-in-law-Deva Nahata since she was a little girl. She joined Bharatnatyam lessons quite early and this event was a dream come true for her. She is also a wonderful singer besides being good in academics.

It is amazing that she also takes interest in cooking and all kinds of arts and loves to read and embroider in her free time. I have spent a lot of quality time teaching her many things and also learning a lot from her over the years. We do share a beautiful relationship, much more than mom and daughter. We surely inspire each other every day-to do more and fly high. Challenges are always there-our parents had their own and we have ours. It’s just that they have changed with time. We have also changed and evolved with time to make challenges fun and taking them in our stride is always in our hands.

The toughest part of being an entrepreneur is keeping patience and giving a lot of time, energy and love to your venture…nurturing it like how you grow your own kids. The love, warmth and passion put into any business will definitely grow. Also never to let go of the confidence with which you started your work :)”.

Darshana also says people need to value time. “I would say time is always there-every minute …every second…make it worth and make it count.  Every minute is a new beginning and every minute we get an opportunity to make someone happy. Let’s not keep waiting for the right time.

Let’s make things happen …let’s get started this moment.”

On having a supportive partner in life, she shares, “I think it’s an added bonus to have an understanding, loving and a supportive spouse who understands your passion and treats it as equal to his and respects and encourages you to open your wings and fly. Yes those who are ambitious will definitely no doubt figure out their way but having a spouse who is understanding and supportive also plays a big role in balancing work and family life which are both equally important and either cannot be neglected. I have been very blessed on this end to have a very loving and supportive family.”

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