January 23, 2021

Learning to Let go -Blog by Shivaranjani

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One such young mum is Shivaranjani who sent us this letter, a blog where she is ‘learning to let go’.

She says, “Two days from now, my 2.5 year old son Aditya will join his first summer camp. For the first time in his life, he will leave home and enter a whole new world of friends and teachers. For the first time ever, he will be away from home and mother for 3 hours on a consistent basis.

The preparations for the D-day have begun well in advance. Tiffin box (these days you get trendy ones), water bottle and snacks bag have been bought and kept aside. New T-shirts and cotton pants will be part of his summer camp attire. Of course his grandparents are super excited about this day and will come home to see their dear grandson off!

Even as the excitement builds up, I ask myself what it that I will feel as a mother?

As an MBA graduate who gave up her new job to take care of her little one, will I feel happy that I finally get some much needed “me time”, something that has been hard to come by in the last 2.5 years?  Three hours for myself where I can go to the beauty parlour without having to worry about returning home fast, time when I can possibly read up a bit on HR analytics, time when I can speak to my mom and dad back home, time when I can possibly read the newspaper to stay afloat . Or will each of those limited three hours be spent dwelling on how little Adi is coping back at his play home with his new friends and teachers?

Yes, it is certainly a big milestone for both mother and son – leaving me both philosophical and thinking…

I wonder how my own parents must have felt on the day before my wedding. After all their little princess who they had brought up with so much love and affection would be entrusted to new hands. Every time I attend a wedding and see the bride sitting on her father’s lap waiting to be given away as kanyadaan, my eyes well up and become moist. As a MOTHER, I understand better- more than ever before. The moment when you have to give a “part of you” to a new family must surely be inexplicable.

Before I turn all teary eyed, I must head out. Got to decide on which T-shirt and pant Aditya will wear on his big day. The moment beckons!”

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