September 22, 2020

Inclusion is what we need to emphasize on says Premila Naidu

A few individuals hold the immense strength to play various roles in their lives and pursuing their hobbies. Here is a mum who loves biking, is passionate on her work related to kids dental care and loves trekking, organizing campaigns for autistic children and more.

So we at Mums and Stories have the pleasure to introduce you to a kick-ass mum – Premila Naidu.

Sharing with Mums and Stories, she says, “I was born in Chennai and brought up in a small port town of Gujarath called Porbandar , I must say childhood was absolute fun. It was adventurous running around the neighborhood, playing at different friend’s houses all the time and I remember my mom had to call all the friends to check where we were.

Life at Porbandar was filled with smaller joys like the beach, convent school, colourful Navratris and the feeling that the whole town is actually a big family.

So when we moved to Bangalore after I finished by 10th, the change was a little difficult in the beginning. Initial stages of settling in into a metropolitan city for a 15 year old seemed like disaster. It’s been 20 years since then, a part of me still misses Gujarat.”

Talking about specializing in dentistry she shares, “ We were in our third year of graduation that’s when we are introduced to different specialties. That’s when I had made up my mind I will specialize in kids dentistry and have a child friendly clinic someday. My dad was also very supportive when he knew he was adamant about the specialty and has always encouraged since then. After my graduation I went ahead to do my post-graduation in pediatric dentistry and topped the college and am a rank holder in the university.

But I was happiest when I started my clinic SmallBites, a dental clinic for children. I love working with kids, they are so simple and uncomplicated. They make you see life in a much better way. Having said that sometimes it does get a bit challenging, but that is the best part. Every child is different -to recognize that and manage them for a dental treatment, and slowly see them enjoying their dental visit is the best part.”

Being a mother, Premila shares, “Motherhood came into my life gently without causing any drastic changes. I was working till 1st of March and Siddharth was born on 7th. Two weeks later, I was back to working, we would visit clinic for two hours and be back for feeding my son.

As he grew I started taking him along to clinic, so for me being a mother and being a pedodontist just went hand in hand. Siddharth is 7 years now and still during his holidays he loves to come to clinic. If no one is there he would be cleaning the clinic or you meet him happily playing in the play area and making new friends.

I don’t think there are any particular moment that I can put it as most memorable, because every day he comes up with something adorable, irritating, something that makes me furious and sweet. So every night I wonder what have I given birth to, but can’t help myself from kissing him goodnight and saying “I love kuttu”, even in his deepest sleep he says “ love you too mamma” and we are sorted for the day .

Talking about her love for biking, she shares, “I knew how to ride a geared bike from my school days. I used to ride friends bike even during college but never considered it or pursued it as a passion.

Its only three years since I have started riding regularly and I must say I am loving it. I used to ride my dad’s Royal Enfield for some time and recently a year back got my bike Kawasaki versys 650.

I call him ‘Toothless’ and now both of us form an awesome team.

I lost my mom in a road traffic accident, so the first few rides were the toughest as I had to fight my inner fear demons every second I was on the roads.

But now, I have finally overcome the inner demons and feel wild and free on the roads with my Toothless. He feels like an extension of mine and me a part of him.

My husband also rides long distance, so I got a lot of help from him and he keeps pointing out places where I go wrong and that helps me improve my riding on highways.

I have started taking my son along on the bike for short trips, and am waiting for the moment when three of us can take a long trip together.

Biking culture has become very well organised and strong. There are so many wonderful woman riders achieving such awesome heights in our country and it is nice to know a lot of them are mom’s too.

For women who want to get into riding, the only tip is to reach out to other riders and riding groups. There are lot of riding classes also which are being regularly conducted.

So if you want to get into riding all you have to do is reach out. You could get in touch with me too, I will keep you posted on any riding sessions coming up.

Premila has specific interest of encouraging kids with autism. She shares, “As a Pediatric dentist, kids with autism is of medical interest to me . But, more importantly over the years I have interacted with many children with autism and have absolutely fallen in love with their unique ways. Autism is a spectrum, and each child is different, and once we spend some time with them we realise they are also loving and trusting in their own way .

Autism awareness is surely increasing. What we need is to teach our neuro typical kids is to accept the kids who are a little different.

Inclusion is what we need to emphasize on.

We celebrate autism awareness month in our clinic, where we try to educate the children about autism and teach them about acceptance and how important that is. Children learn very fast, these small things help in the larger scenario of awareness.”

Finally as a pedodontist and as mum Premila has some advice for parents on their kid’s dental care.

“Few things I would want parents to know are

  • Dental caries or cavities are the second most common disease in children. First being common flu so it’s very important to get the teeth checked regularly.
  • It’s not only chocolates – any sticky carbohydrate can increase the chances of dental issues.
  • Cavities spread very fast in milk teeth, hence early diagnosis and treatment places a very important role.

Like the saying goes prevention is better than cure.”

Mums and Stories thanks this incredibly interesting mum to have shared her journey of pursuing various interests in life.


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