June 23, 2021

Fun with Books by Mums and Stories

Books Picnic by Mums and Stories

It is the hour to read books, lots of them, listen to stories and have fun outdoor in the company of books.

On July 29th 2018 at Cubbon Park at 11am -12.30 noon

Rs 200 per child

This is for the age group of 4-12 years. If younger kids want to participate, the accompanying parent has to read out the story from the books.

Each child will bring a story book and exchange with another child. We will have a dedicated story reading hour where each child can read from three to seven books (if interested). The original book will be handed back to the child to take back home.

We will also be getting 10 books for varying ages to have a variety for the reading hour.

We will also be narrating two or three stories.

Depending on the participating age group we will have a quiz too.

Payment link- https://ticketing.eventshigh.com/checkout.jsp?eid=aa99cbeadb47fe958c98d71782ed9832

If interested, mail at mumsandstories@gmail.com to indicate you want to come for the session.

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