January 18, 2021

Weekends in Bangalore- Ideas to spend with kids

Weekends in Bangalore- Ideas to spend with kids

Here are two prominent green spaces in Bangalore that you can consider visiting with kids over weekends.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is huge and you can go there early morning for a jog, walk, take the dog for a walk on Sundays, participate in yoga and fitness sessions organized by different groups or even attend story sessions like Mums and stories organizes once in two months.

(A file picture of Mums and Stories story session at Cubbon Park.)



(A short video clip of one of Mums and Stories story sessions. Video has no audio).

Cubbon Park also has spaces where you can carry food to make it to a family picnic day.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories)

Cubbon Park also boasts of a small aquarium and toy train that can be of interest to kids within the age group of 2-8 years. Both have a nominal entry ticket.

The best part of Cubbon Park is you can even choose to do all in one day like go for a walk, attend a story session, go for a toy train ride, visit the aquarium and have a meal in the old style picnic with mat spread, fruits and sandwiches got from homes. You can take play accessories like ball, badminton rackets, or anything that will get you and the kids in the spirit of being outdoors.

Accessibility is either take a metro to Cubbon park metro station and walk towards the park or take a cab or auto or you can try parking in the adjoining lanes near K.C Das and walk up to Cubbon Park.

The space is perfect for mums and kids and in general families. There are options of cycling and those fitness enthusiasts who participate in various marathons in Cubbon Park. One also finds other interesting activities like poetry sessions which mums may find it to be interesting and potluck lunches.

Secondly we do recommend Lalbagh.

Lalbagh is good for long walks, climbing the rock, going for a buggy ride (that is available from the main gate (Double road entrance), visit the lake (from West side of Lalbagh, near Basavanagudi and closest to Lalbagh metro station ).

(Tall trees, rare trees- a common sight at Lalbagh. Photograph by Mums and Stories)

There are restrictions on play area and getting outside food. However there are other attractions like the glass house, floral clock, tree varieties that are rare and huge open spaces. One can also plan the visit during flower shows held at Glass house, mango and jackfruit melas, Kite flying festivals or early mornings when you combine a walk with a breakfast outing close to Lalbagh which can be done over any weekend.

(Flower clock at Lalbagh- Photograph by Mums and Stories)

The space is fun particularly when you allow kids to climb the huge iconic Lalbagh rock that is actually the peninsular gneiss. Atop of this landmark is one of the four cardinal towers  that was considered to be the border of Bengaluru way back in 1537 by Sri Kempegowda, the founder of the city.


( You can find wooden carvings from those trees that are cropped. Photograph by Mums and Stories @Lalbagh).

Both Lalbagh and Cubbon park have a rich history that requires to be told to our children and we at Mums and Stories find both the spaces equally good for wide variety of options they provide when you don’t need to think of going to malls or cramming in front of the TV, playstation. These are perfect spots for kids to enjoy nature within the city.

So if you haven’t yet visited both these spaces or thinking of what to do this weekend, think of these spaces that are accessible and cater to a wide variety of interests.

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