June 23, 2021

Are you planning to go to the Lalbagh flower show ? A few tips and glimpses for you to plan well

Lalbagh Flower show is one of the most awaited events for Bangaloreans. Organised jointly by the Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society, this is one of those public events which has a huge footfall. Adorned with fresh flowers, the display makes for a good sight and the entire ambiance of Lalbagh with its openness and greenery makes for a good family outing.

Mums and Stories managed to have a short glimpse of what was in store for visitors. So every year the show housed in Glass house, in Lalbagh premises has a theme based floral arrangement.

This year it’s a tribute to the Indian Army. This is the Independence Day special flower show and it will be on until August 15th evening 2018.

So in case you are planning to attend this year, here are a few suggestions:

(The waterfall from South west gate Lalbagh. Mums and Stories photograph)


(Lush green lawns spread along the way towards Glass house, Lalbagh. Photograph by Mums and stories)

1.Come by public transport as there is very limited parking space. Metro is accessible and one can get down at Lalbagh metro station to walk to South gate of Lalbagh. You will have to continue to walk inside for about one km to reach the Glass house. Please note one can also come to the Glass house-Flower show through the main entrance from Double road. This entrance will also have the added joy of having kids and adults climb the famous hillock with the Kempegowda tower (the structure has a history that is of significance to the establishment of Bangalore).


(Picture perfect postcard sights that make a memorable outing-Photograph by Mums and Stories @Lalbagh).

2. It is recommended you choose a weekday than the holiday (Wednesday -August 15th as it is a public holiday). It will be open on August 15th too but may be a little more crowded.

(Close to the Glass house, a fountain that just makes for a pleasant sight and sound. A Mums and stories picture).

3.Be prepared to walk amidst crowds.

4.In case you are planning to come with children, this would be a good experience but provided the child or children are willing to walk and do not get intimidated by crowds.

Lalbagh flower show 2018

Posted by Mums and stories on Saturday, 11 August 2018

(Video by Mums and Stories taken over the weekend attending Lalbagh Flower show).

5. You can get small bites of snacks -however there are food stalls and food vendors which is adding to the experience and in a way little chaotic.

(Photographs by Mums and Stories -Lalbagh Flower show 2018)

Yet we do recommend Lalbagh flower show, especially if you have never been with friends or family including kids to the show.

Here are a few pictures of last year’s Flower show celebrations.

(All pictures and video belong to Mums and Stories and are subject to copyright).


Just in case you happen to visit Lalbagh for the flower show or otherwise for an outing, do let us know your experience.

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