September 25, 2020

Must-eat cafes/restaurants in Bengaluru review on Mums and Stories

We have been profiling a few eateries, restaurants in Bengaluru as must-eat spaces and we have featured them on our Instagram and facebook page. It’s time to bring them under one space and here is the Part 2 of the series.

These three spaces are reviewed primarily as fun, interesting and spaces that make mums and kids feel comfortable whenever they would go for a meal or snack or mums meeting up for a coffee.

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Situated in one of the by lanes of Jayanagar, this quaint restaurant is a place to be visited and a must eat space in South Bangalore.

The restaurant is at Jayanagar 4th block and serves Italian and Continental food.

Krazzy folds has a good ambience and has a view overlooking from first floor.

(Interior at Krazzy folds, Jayanagar. Photograph by Mums and Stories) (Featured image is also of Krazzy folds restaurant).

Food that we tried from the menu were Brusechetta trio which is an assorted garlic bread tossed with various toppings, Iced tea and a regular cold beverage along with Chipotle cream pasta.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories)

There are options of several finger foods: Veg and Chicken, varieties of pastas, tacos, soups and salads and deserts.

We had to wind up with a desert of scoops of chocolate and vanilla which made for a lovely dining experience.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories at Krazzy folds)

On a rating of 5, we at Mums and stories give this restaurant 5 as it is a delight to enjoy a quiet dining experience for families, with kids, with friends or get togethers.


2) The second restaurant is  one of our favorites as it has a certain charm that is distinct and an emotional attachment to its patrons.

We would primarily suggest this restaurant to mums or adults in general rather than with kids. However if one doesn’t mind a certain ambience that also offers provision of smoking allowed across tables, the space is utilized by families and kids too.

A perfect space if you want to catch up with friends and have a quick bite and coffee. It is easily accessible by metro and the nearest metro station can be Cubbon park metro station or MG road metro station.

A lot of conversations, laughter, smiles, long discussions including political discussions come across the table. You are bound to listen to others conversations, but that adds to the character of this restaurant.

There are a few vegetarian options though it serves largely a non vegetarian menu with a main course that is English, Continental and Indian. The Sunday breakfasts too are popular and omlettes and Veg grilled sandwiches or the Appams with stew are must haves.

(Iced tea at Koshys. Photograph by Mums and Stories).

Mums and stories had an iced tea and a Veg Grilled sandwich, two of which have been our favorites at Koshys and we didn’t get disappointed this time too.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories).

We were also informed that Fish biryani and Rum Iced tea is good, but we haven’t tried it at Koshy’s.

If one has to add on must-see places in Bangalore, one can safely recommend Koshys too.

We will give this restaurant a rating of 4 out of 5.


3) Recently we were at this small roof top cafe in South Bangalore.

This is a small cafe which is aptly named Roof top at Jayanagar 4th block.

Situated diagonally opposite the iconic landmark hunger savior Cool joint, Roof top is above Cakewalla, Jayanagar.

(Pizza and Cheese Chilli sandwich at Rooftop cafe, Jayanagar. Mums and Stories picture).

The portions are small and offered in variety of quick bites like French fries, burger, pizza, cold beverages and deserts.

This is a good option to stop over in case you are busy shopping at Jayanagar and want to have a quick stop over. One can sit in this roof top airy ambience with kids and visit with friends.

This is a vegetarian Cafe and we had a burger, Cheese chilli sandwich, a small pizza and a brownie with vanilla ice-cream.

Priced nominally, the menu options in the cafe are good but we strongly recommend Brownie with vanilla ice cream. This was much better than others that we tried at this cafe.


We at Mums and stories give the space and menu options a rating of 3.5 out of 5

We will continue our series of must-eat spaces and restaurants of Bangalore and other cities whenever we can get to visit them. If you want to recommend a space or restaurant or cafe to us do reach us at

(All photographs are by Mums and Stories and are subject to copyright)

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