January 21, 2021

Want to try Rice art at home? Here are simple DIY steps to do it

Rice Art- DIY steps at home

This is an art work tried by mum Navitha Reddy. This is a simple , a bit time consuming (which is good ) and interesting art that can be tried by kids and adults together. Perhaps it can be a perfect recipe to spend over a weekend.

Navitha shares with Mums and Stories, ” I found it interesting and thought of giving it a try after seeing it on a website. I am glad it has been liked by many where I had posted it on social media. ”

So what do you require to do this art work at home?  A4 size cardboard sheet, Fevicol, water colour or poster colours, Rice in limited quantities (4 cups) and Paint brush

Step 1: Take handful of rice and divide it in to 4 cups (regular cups from your kitchen).


Step 2: Mix around pea sized poster colour with just 2 drops of water in to the rice. You can use red,yellow, green and orange colours and mix well without any knots. Do note that each cup should have different colors. Let it dry for sometime roughly for ten minutes.

Step 3: Draw a tree with branches using Black poster colour and allow it dry….


Step 4: Spread Fevicol below the tree and use paint brush to spread it evenly. You can sprinkle the coloured rice on it. You can choose any colour that is of your choice.


Step 5: Spread Fevicol near branches and using paint brush spread it evenly and sprinkle the mixed colored rice … You can even mix all coloured rice in one cup. Allow it dry ..dab all the extra rice and you are done….

Do remember not to waste rice (even it is raw) – mix small quantity and if required repeat.

And your final piece is ready!


Mums and Stories thanks Navitha for sharing this interesting idea with us and we hope many other mums, dads and kids join in to do this as a art work for their homes.

( All photographs are by Navitha Reddy and are subject to copyright).

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