October 23, 2020

Love before first sight- Blog by Aishwarya Reddy

Aishwarya Reddy, a mum to naughty five-year-old shares in this blog her first experience of going through pregnancy phase and has something to share for other would-be-mums.

She shares with Mums and Stories that she is presently pursuing her  Masters in Psychology and on the journey she pens, “ Happiness is not on the way, It had arrived, that morning when you saw those two purple lines..!

The journey is going to be both exciting and also exhausting, curious and also anxious. You might have morning sickness but evening wellness. You might feel moody or at times happy and sometimes no energy to step out,but those energetic kicks from inside will set the flow.

You might want to cry for simple things, get anger over silly issues; you might want to laugh without reason, you might go crazy..but out of all you might want to feel proud and overwhelmed holding the whole world inside you.

Listening to the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, first sonogram, first kick, first move, first contraction, first sight, first feed, first smile, first crawl, first walk, first word, first birthday and many  more…

Getting worried for every single thing is very common during pregnancy. The reasons might be, it is your first pregnancy , or an unplanned one or you might have miscarried one earlier. But keeping everything aside and taking care of you and the baby is very much important during these times. Share your concerns with other moms and ask for the tips but do not have to absorb on everyone’s experiences. Because not all moms have similar experiences and not all have smooth ones.

Some might have complicated which might tense you. You might not want to take them seriously but your hormones might want to play with them. Every mom has a different and unique story.

You are going to have your own one.

Not everyone have same experience even though in similar kind of situations. Not all bodies respond alike. Do not at all compare yourself to others. And most importantly talk to your doctor about every single and simple concern of yours.

Whether it is a boy or girl, hope for a healthy one

( Aishwarya Reddy with her little one).

If it your second pregnancy..this process may not be new for you but of course a special one. This time you know what exactly is happening. You don’t get worried for simple issues. You are much more confident and calm now. This is kind of different experience. Make it special. Make it whole lot interesting. Make the most out of every moment as it may be possible that this would be the last one too, so do cherish them.

Mental health is as important as physical health..!

So do stay happy and stay hydrated as well.  Stay relaxed while you stay fit, Cool off your mind while you cool down your body. And more importantly stay connected to your baby by talking.

Remember you are not alone.!

Keep your hands on your tummy and narrate what is going on around you both, what is that work you both are doing. Be it cooking, eating, cleaning, bathing, watching TV, walking, exercising, gardening, putting to laundry, every single thing you do. May be sing a song or read a story to your baby. Trust me the baby will respond and connect to your voice and understand what is happening outside. And also make the baby get to know the dad by involving him in whatever you do. If it’s your second, involve the elder one throughout the process. Those tiny little fingers and toes will happily respond and have fun within you.

Your baby is the only person who knows how your heart feels like from inside.

There’s movement inside you. There is no better feeling than this and only you can feel this amazing thing. Remember your baby smiles when you smile, cries when you cry, gets worried when you worry, anger when you are angry…. So stay happy all the time so that you will have a happy one.

Giving birth means you are ‘reborn’. This might be difficult, but remember you are strong.

This can be tough but so are you. Breathe in love and breathe out pain. The pain that you feel is nothing compared to the joy that you are going to hold. Be excited to meet that little person who will be very soon in your arms.

You will require to be prepared to be tripped over the toys, you will be peed on, puked on, spend sleepless nights and have troublesome feeding times. You might not feel any better about everything that is going on, but it’s OK. Everything is going to be worth it.. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror you see a MOM which is a great blessing and honor.

Those stretch marks are the memories that prove your baby once lived there.

To every Mom out there…. You are a warrior.. You are a champion..!!

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed..!!”

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