May 12, 2021

Power Resume for Women Superstars by Suba Lakshminarasimhan

“Suba, I am ready for any job that you point out in this world. I have three years of gap. How can I expect to get the job that I wish for?”

“Suba, I want to build a general resume so that I can use it for all the jobs that I apply.”

“I apply for at least ten jobs in a day, but, not even a single call. Companies are not hiring ladies with a break in their career.”

These are all a few sentences I get to hear every day. There starts my consulting session, where I explain how it is essential to create job search strategy. So far, I have worked with 1000s of leaders, mid-level professionals, students and women with a career break to build their personal brand through resume and career documents.

Let me explain how to start, set milestones and achieve your career goal.

Everything starts with the right Clarity

Generic Resume. There is nothing called ‘generic resume’ and never be ready to do ‘any’ job. I insist on having Clarity, infact, never take up resume writing projects without helping the clients to set their career goal.

What happens when you don’t have the right Clarity?

  • You have generic information in the resume and you become one among the herd
  • Your resume doesn’t have the right information for a specific job
  • Your resume will not be having the right set of keywords. Understand that the recruitment process in most of the industries is system driven. If your resume doesn’t pop up in the recruiter’s window, you lose the chance of an interview call

Check out the content right away and see whether the content is matching for the job you have in mind.

Research the roles before writing a resume

I create a detailed questionnaire while working with clients on their resume. I use three elements to create the questionnaire; (1) Responsibility research, (2) Role Research (3) My 17+ years of experience. My delivery is created based on the responses my clients give. How are you preparing yours? Pick one or maximum two roles where you see your passion & growth. Remember, if you have chosen two different roles, you must have two different resume targeting each role.

Important tips for writing a Powerful Resume

Once the above steps are taken care of, then comes the resume writing process. Choose the elegant template that you like for your resume. The ‘look and feel of your resume’ are like an executive presence; this should create the first best impression. However, the content is what will fetch you the interview call.

  • Ensure having a crisp Executive Summary/Objective. This is a critical space in your resume. Introspect well and write all the best things about you. Please do not copy & paste any content that is available online. You can showcase your technical abilities, functional strength, personality type, leadership style and life skills here.
  • Establish your achievements, the value you added in your previous roles mapping with the aspiring role you have in mind
  • Various resume types are there; pick the one that suits your career goal
  • Mention your work experience in the chronological order, starting from the current/latest and go backwards. Be aware of the start & end dates you mention all through the resume
  • TQM: Total quality management is the critical phase. Check grammar issues, formatting, typo, clean fonts, elegant template and sentence structure
  • Always share PDF to avoid formatting issues

Unfortunately, many resume writing companies suggest having graphics, and I see some popular ones filling the resume with jargons and graphics. Think from a recruiter perspective. If they don’t understand what you are talking about, the chances of you getting an interview call are minimal.

Now, read the first few lines of this blog. Tell us, what do you think?

Author: Suba Lakshminarasimhan is the founder-director of SLN Brand Studio

Suba is the Personal Branding Strategist, CXO Resume Writer, Career Coach and a corporate trainer. She has won HerRising award from Jobsforher and Digital Women Award from in 2019.

Suba is a published journal author; a firm believer of identifying & delivering Individual growth solutions through appropriate research. Such belief led to presenting research papers in international conferences. Suba has been supporting the career growth journey of C-Suite professionals, Corporate Employees and the Student community through various workshops, training & coaching programs and writing solutions. 

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